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In My Eyes: It’s time to pee…

By Edward B. Antonio

Mika, a female friend of mine posted in the Face Book recently about how disgusted she was for the arrogance of a PUV driver plying the route from Vigan City to Tagudin, Ilocos Sur and vice versa.

She said one of her friends aboard the PUV was requesting the driver to stop at a gasoline station so she could pee.

The plea was unheard.

The repeated plea was ignored by the driver.

She did not mention what happened next to her poor friend but the way she expressed herself in her post was that she was so concerned that she took the plate number of the van.

The number is currently posted in the FB, fellas.

I sympathize deeply with the passenger.

Everyone probably has experienced that intense need of a CR while aboard a bus. Sometimes, people are so ashamed to tell their problem that they just ignore this need until they reach their destinations.

But not with Rey, a friend of mine who happened to be my co-passenger one time when I went to Manila.

The bus was cruising steadily in Pangasinan when Rey said he could no longer contain the urge. I was in need of a CR, too. We decided to stand up, went to the driver and told him of our problem.

Sige na po, mamang driver, kahit diyan na lang sa tabi-tabi,” he said.

The driver heard our plea and he stopped the bus beside two big acacia trees where we relieved ourselves.

Suddenly, some female passengers said: “Please find a gasoline station for us, manong, kasi puputok na po!”

The courteous driver said, “Sige po, at the next gasoline station.”

So, no problem, everybody was happy.

That’s why when I read about Mika’s FB post, I felt disgusted, too. I told her to narrate to me all details so I can write something about it. I’m still waiting for her reply, fellas, but her FB story is enough to enrage me.

What if that emergency incident will happen to him (the driver), too, or to his wife, daughter or any of his love ones?

Cases like this usually result to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and kidney trouble.

A health article says holding the urine in a full bladder may increase the risk of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. If one doesn’t empty the bladder on a regular basis, the bacteria are more likely to sit and multiply there. This can lead to UTI.

Symptoms of UTI are: persistent need to urinate, burning sensation while peeing, strong smelling urine that looks cloudy, pelvic pain and blood in the urine,” the article says.

Other possible complications include kidney infection or kidney damage

Diseases of the kidney range from mild infection to life-threatening kidney failure. The most common form of kidney disease is an inflammation of the kidney, called pyelonephritis. Most such inflammations are caused by a bacterial infection that starts in the bladder and spreads to the kidney. Sometimes an obstruction that interferes with the flow of urine in the urinary tract can cause the disease.

What happens to your body when you hold your pee aside from incurring UTI?

A big discomfort.

When you feel the urge to empty your bladder, it’s a pretty complex process involving many muscles, organs and nerves that work together to tell you it’s time to go. When your bladder is about half full, it activates the bladder nerves. The nerves send the signal to the brain that it’s time to urinate. Holding your pee involves fighting this signal to urinate.

When this occurs, the brain repeatedly says: “It’s time to pee or else…”

That’s why most UTI sufferers are women who usually put off the urge.

Mang Maing says he doesn’t have a problem on peeing.

I can find a place anywhere. Even a bamboo pole can suffice,” he says.

So, I told Mika that the next time she and her friends feel the urge to relieve while inside a PUV, and the driver won’t listen, she must threaten the driver that she would pee right there inside the van.

Or worse, she would report the matter to the authorities concerned and ultimately, to the local radio station.

As for the arrogant driver, this is my piece of advice: get out of the business if you can’t take good care of your passengers before somebody else will have the nerve to punch you by the jaw. If I happened to be your passenger and you won’t listen, I’ll probably do it first.

So, avoid the risk of incurring UTI or kidney trouble, fellas.

Pee at any cost.#