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In My Eyes: Young idols gone wild

By Edward B. Antonio

Everybody has his favorite movie star, whether the cutie ones, comic stars or action stars.

That’s a part of our inner selves — admiration towards somebody else we like to be with or simply to admire.

One of the biggest blockbuster movies ever shown in the cinema is Arnold Scwarzenegger’s “Terminator II, Judgment Day” (1991) which depicts the story of a robot cop from the future coming back in our time to protect a child destined to become the savior of the world against the rule of robots.

The child in the movie survived. The actor is Edward Furlong. Furlong rose to fame by playing John Connor in that movie. But after getting a taste of fame at a young age, the actor took to heroin and cocaine, and has been the subject of restraining orders filed by both his ex-wife and former girlfriend. Furlong avoided a jail sentence in 2013 for an arrest after agreeing to go to rehab for drug addiction for 90 days, as well as agreeing to undergo 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling.

Further research reveals that there are several more young celebrities who first projected clean images but later became the subject of police operations.

My eldest child calls him Mac Cula-culay. When he was young, he would watch the movie “Home Alone” several times throughout the day. Little does he know that Macaulay Culkin has gone wild (and bad?). The “Home Alone” star was arrested for marijuana possession in Oklahoma in 2004. When he appeared in court the following year, he also pleaded guilty to charges of having medication without a prescription.

Lindsay Lohan is undoubtedly one of the cutest child stars. There are not enough hours in the day to detail every one of this former child star’s infractions. The “Mean Girls” actress started making headlines in 2004 for her partying, stealing, car wrecks, DUI arrests, rehab stints, drug charges, and erratic relationship with her family—and hasn’t stopped.And remember Justin Bieber? This pop star—who first got famous at 12 years old thanks to a video of himself singing on YouTube—clearly has been suffering from a case of “too much, too soon.” During the course of a year, he’d demonstrated erratic behavior (making his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China, illegally bringing a monkey into Germany before promptly abandoning him with the authorities, an alleged brothel scandal, and a string of Twitter rants). The 19-year-old also had some real legal troubles, such as getting arrested for drag racing and a DUI (driving under influence) in Miami earlier this year, and getting his house raided in a search for surveillance footage to prove he was involved in an egg-tossing vandalism case. Sadly, there was even a petition circulating earlier this year to get the Canadian deported from the U.S.

Then, there’s the famous Drew Barrymore. The actress—who became famous in 1982 for her portrayal of Gertie in “ET”—has made no secret of her rocky past, which was detailed in her memoir, “Little Girl Lost.” Barrymore admitted to smoking cigarettes at 9 years old, drinking at 11, smoking pot at 12, and doing cocaine by 13—the age that she first went to rehab. After falling back into partying, Drew attempted suicide and returned to rehab at the age of 14. Luckily, she’s cleaned up her act and has since become a successful actress and producer. She now has two children with husband Will Kopelman.

Demi Lovato got her start at the age of seven, when she was cast alongside Selena Gomez on “Barney & Friends,” which led to her starring role as Sonny on the Disney Channel series “Sonny With a Chance.” In 2010, Lovato sought treatment for a “physical and emotional issue.” After three months, Demi publicly opened up about her battles with bulimia, cutting, bipolar disorder, and drug abuse.

Pretty Amanda Bynes was once a promising comedic actress who rose to fame for starring in Nickelodeon’s “All That” and “The Amanda Show.” Bynes seemed to have flipped out in 2012. During the course of a year, she got in multiple car accidents, got nabbed for DUI, wore numerous ratty wigs, called a number of celebrities “ugly” on Twitter, was arrested for criminal possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence, and reckless endangerment. She allegedly threw a bong (a drug user’s pipe) out the window of her apartment. She also, memorably, stripped down to her strapless push-up bra in a spin class, and started putting on makeup before leaving after 10 minutes.

You see, many rich and famous stars become drunk of their status that they want to be more than themselves.

I also remember Michael Jackson who started out as a high-pitched singer for the Jackson 5 for his memorable rendition of the song “Happy,” and later became a worldwide phenomenon for his rendition of “Beat It” and “Thriller.”. Then in 1993, the father of a 13-year-old guest at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch accused the singer of sexually molesting the boy. The allegations were supported by Jackson’s sister LaToya, who said, “Forget about the superstar, forget about the icon. If he was any other 35-year-old man who was sleeping with little boys, you wouldn’t like this guy.” Jackson settled the lawsuit filed by the child’s family, reportedly paying over $20 million. Criminal charges were dropped since the accuser was no longer willing to testify. Despite the close call, he admitted in a 2002 interview with Martin Bashir that he slept in the same bed with “many children.”

How about Filipino celebs gone wild, fellas?

Remember Eddie and Mark Anthony Fernandez, the scandalous Katrina Halili and even oldie celebrities like Tetchie Agbayani, Klaudia Koronel and Pepsi Paloma (rumored to have been raped, too, by a famous TV host trio).

More next time, fellas.

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