FATTY LIVER (Hepatic Steatosis) known to be the first stage of an unhealthy liver happens when:
1. Excess sugar from alcohol is stored in the liver (Alcoholic-Related Fatty Liver Disease ARFLD);
2. Excess sugar we eat is turned into fat (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease NAFLD)
In both cases, deposits of sugar and fats from alcohol or unhealthy eats lead to liver enlargement or inflammation.
If untreated, and unchecked, scar tissues form and damage is called Liver Fibrosis.
Keep your liver healthy:
Fill your plate with vegetables every meal, and get protein too.
Matchbox size of red meat only.
Steam more often than fry.
Go for fiber-Rich brown rice.
Drop the beer & hard liquor. When drinking do it socially, choose red wine.
Diabetics: stop drinking liquor.
Source: Radyo Mo sa Nutrisyon