Feature: ‘Pedya Kamp’ in Vigan binds children with disabilities and their volunteer guides

By Imelda C. Rivero, PIA 1, Ilocos Sur

VIGAN CITY – The Pedya Kamp is not only a 10-day period where children with disabilities are given the chance to enjoy various activities that normal kids do. It is also a chance for the children to bind and feel the warmth of care and love of their volunteer guides, ” said Dr. Art Libao, the founder and president of Pedya Kamp, during the courtesy call of the children at the Capitol last week.

The Pedya Kamp in this city which began on April 20 gave 120 children with disabilities, children who were abandoned, street children from the various orphanages in Metro Manila and Simulation and Therapeutic Center (STAC) Vigan children to enjoy para ding in the streets of Vigan as sagalas of Santa Cruzan, as masquerading animals, swimming, playing games, singing, dancing, doing art works and other activities,” Libao said.

The Kamp is a chance to introduce the children to the community and a great chance for them to discover new places, meet new faces, and feel being loved and cared for.

Most of these children have intellectual and physical disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, autism spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD),” Libao said.

Dr. Libao, who is from the Makati Medical Center, said that the individual guides of the children underwent 10-day training at the hospital to learn how to take care of the children with disabilities 24 hours daily for 10 days. The guides are young professionals who have the heart for children.

Pedya Kamp Association, Inc. welcomes volunteers or sponsors. Any amount or any kind of donation like activities or birthday celebration with the children is accepted.

Pedya Kamp was last held at the Ilocos Sur National High School in this city on April 14-23, 2004, by God’s Special Children, Inc.#