Filipina ‘dentist’ to be sued by three compatriots

(from two reports by Balita Pinoy in the United Kingdom)


LONDON—A LADY native of Pangasinan will be sued by three Filipino clients here for her failure to facilitate the application of their work permits and applications.

The Filipina to be sued is said to be a dentist, Ressie Reyes Macaraeg (of Harley Street in London), Balita Pinoy reported

Macaraeg, said to be a native of the third-class Pangasinan municipality of Bolinao, operates a clinic, Ocean Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as a recruitment agency, Ocean Care Recruitment.

The three Filipinos reportedly have been deported back to the Philippines by the United Kingdom Borders Agency since they’re overstaying. Victims were said to have paid Macaraeg £4,000 each to get their visas either changed or renewed.

But another report by Balita Pinoy showed that Macaraeg isn’t a dentist but is a nurse.(