Filipino migrant leaders to be trained to assist fellow OFWs

(by Joe Avancena of the  Saudi Gazette)

AL KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA—The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) has decided to train selected Filipino community leaders to help distressed overseas Filipino workers.

Philippine Labor attaché Adam A. Musa presented this project to Filipino community leaders in a dialogue with them last Friday.

Musa told the Gazette that “we are going to train selected community leaders who are endorsed by their respective organizations to assist the POLO team in Eastern Province, which is short of personnel, in providing assistance to distressed workers, particularly those with labor problem.”

He added that “we are aiming to start with 10 selected community leaders; we are going to circulate to the community the guidelines and criteria in the selection.” He also said that the selected community leaders should know Arabic, could be a long-time resident in the Kingdom, and have knowledge of the laws and culture of the country. Source: