Filipinos among 2,000 refugees, migrants who entered Israel from Egypt

(from a Sept. 1 report by Xinhua News Agency)

 JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—A RECORD-breaking 2,000 refugees and labor migrants, incuding a few Filipinos, entered into Israel from across the Egyptian border in August.

According to the latest figures released by the Israeli Population and Migration Authority (PMA), at least 111 infiltrators have crossed the border in last August 31.

PMA spokeswoman Sabin Hadad was quoted in a report by  Xinhua that “We (PMA) believe that immediate national measures are needed to solve this problem.”

The bulk of the aliens came from African countries as other nationalities, including Turks, Chinese and Filipinos, also made up a small percentage of the migrants who entered Israel.

The PMA estimated that about 10 percent to 15 percent of the migrants managed to steer clear of Israeli military observation posts and crossed the border unnoticed. PMA believed the migrants then sought refuge in major Israeli cities. Most of the others were apprehended and placed in temporary detention facilities.