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From Bakekang to super sexy

The last time I rendered a lecture on Photojournalism and Editorial Writing in a very big school in the province last year , I came across one of the better singer-members of Gumil Ilocos Sur who was as chubby as the late comedians Ike Lozada and Bakekang. Lozada’s figure made him a popular comedian in the 60s and 70s. Bakekang was his female counterpart. When we were in high school, any chubby boy or girl could easily earn the names Ike Lozada and Bakekang.

“Sir, welcome to our school,” she said upon my arrival at the lecture hall.

“Thanks, ma’am,” I said, shaking her hand.

“Sir, please don’t call me ma’am. Can you not recognize me?”

I looked at her eyes, trying to recall where I met this lady. I shook my head.

“Sir, I’m Rina, one of the members of our organization,” she said.

“Really? Why so super sexy now?” I asked, measuring her from head to foot.

“I have tremendously cut my diet on carb and then I exercise a lot, no softdrinks, no processed meat, no burgers, no margarines or butter,” she said.

I couldn’t help but agree.

Rina is one of the best living examples, fellas.

And why not?

So much have been said about the ill effects of softdrinks. A bottle of the more popular softdrink can actually clean a toilet bowl as effective as muriatic acid, a chemist says.

People also crave for fastfood because these fast food outlets are popularly advertised in the televisions. But according to an American doctor, fastfoods kill Americans faster than any kind of harmful food intakes because fastfoods contain very high levels of cholesterol and carcinogenic substances.

You’re probably aware of all the foods that are good for you, like fresh fruits and vegetables, but do you know about the foods that can kill you? These unhealthy foods can lead to some serious health problems, especially if you eat them regularly.

Here are some of them, fellas.

1. Low-fat foods

A lot of people think that they are being healthy by purchasing foods that are labeled as “low fat.” Unfortunately this is not the case, as most of these foods are packed with unhealthy chemicals to make up for the lack of fat. These chemicals are extremely bad for your body and can even damage your health over time.

2. Margarine

A lot of people choose margarine because it’s cheaper and cholesterol-free, but what you need to pay attention to is what is in it. Margarine is extremely high in trans-fat, which can damage your blood vessels and even increase your cholesterol.

3. Fruit Juice

A lot of shoppers think they are healthy when they purchase fruit juice because the label says it has Vitamin C. But fruit juices are actually very bad for the body. Not only are most made with artificial flavors and not any real fruit, they are also with a lot of sugar and other chemicals that can cause obesity and other serious health problems. Even real fruit juice is packed full of sugar that provides you with no nutritional value. It’s best to eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking any of those tetra packed fruit juices.

4. Processed meat

The chemicals that are inside processed meats have been linked to colon cancer and many other health problems. They are also packed full of sugar, salt and fat that can lead to obesity and diabetes. You’re always better off cooking your own meat from lean cuts and avoiding the processed meats all together.

5. Energy bars

Energy bars are marketed as healthy snacks for people who want to lose weight and get fit. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t read the nutritional information on these bars in the first place. Many of them are made with a lot of sugar and fat, even though they are high in protein.

6. Frozen meals

Frozen meals are convenient, but what price do you pay for that convenience? These frozen dinners, even those that are low in calories, are really high in sodium and preservatives which are highly carcinogenic. They are also extremely processed, which means they really put your body through a lot of work in order to digest through your body.

7. Doughnuts

Speaking of breakfast foods, who doesn’t love a sugary doughnut when they are running late to start the day? Although they may taste good, these are a huge source of sugar, fat, transfat and carbohydrates. In fact, just one of these fried treats is generally well over 300 calories. Since most people tend to eat more than one, this can lead to quick weight gain without even realizing it.

8. Soda drinks

Regular soda is a huge source of sugar and a variety of other chemicals that have been linked to several different types of cancer. These provide absolutely no nutritional value to you and can lead to diabetes as well. Even diet soda carries risks, as it’s made with a lot of chemicals to make up for the lack of sugar, and these have been linked to serious diseases like cancer.

9. Potato Chips

Before you reach for that bag of potato chips; think again! These are filled with a lot of fat and calories, but did you know they are also loaded with dangerous chemicals? Most chips are made with acrylamide, which is created when foods are fried at extremely high temperatures. This chemical is linked to cancer, which can result in death.

Going back to Rina, I asked what kind of food she craves for.

“I go for vegetables and fruits, sir, no softdrinks, only plain water,” she said.

I heard Rina has become the apple of the eyes of the bachelor teachers in her school but the last time I checked her FB page, she was posing with a good-looking guy.

“Congratulations, good luck to both of you,” I posted.

“Thank you, sir, and thanks for coming over to speak during our campus journ training-workshop,” she replied.

Rina did not know I was more interested with how she trimmed down than what I delivered in my lectures.

And why not?

I’m getting chubbier these days, fellas!

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