Functional Researches of UNP Candon

RESEARCH is a very intricate task. It is always intertwined with instruction and extension.

People do research to further instruction. With this noble intention, the quality of life of the people is ensured.

Researches that are not anchored on this objective do not merit any attention. They are considered as nil. Waste of time and effort.

As one major function of the University, Research is well attended. Before, UNP does not have any Vice president for Planning, Research, and Extension. But the ascendancy of Dr. Lauro B. Tacbas as the fourth president of the premier state university in the North, research became an emblem of excellence for UNP. He reorganized the structures of tasks and powers, and the office of the VP-PRE was born.

In the 12-point agenda of  Dr. Tacbas, Research is one of his highlights. Being  an international researcher himself, he knows how important research is in the accreditation and survival of an educational institution particularly in the higher level.

Banking on these ideals, UNP Candon listed research as one of its priorities. Hence, a coordinator and staff were organized.

Goal #5. Conduct of functional researches on different areas focused on the promotion of instruction and effective extension and production services;

The above-quoted goal of UNP Candon gives flesh to the direction that the university president wants to realize. That the unit will be known also for its functional and world-class researches.

Let’s try to unravel some of the faculty researches in UNP Candon that started in 2001. Yours is the eye of criticism.

1.    The Coping Mechanisms of the Upland Municipalities of Ilocos Sur Towards Resource Degradation, Natural Disasters and Economic Crises

2.    Indigenous Practice in the use of Wild Yam or Karot (Dioscorea hispida Dennst)

3.    The Quest of the Fabled Kandong Tree and Its aftermath

4.    The Hidden Figures of Ilocos Stones

5.    The Lost Glory of the Baldi: Cylindrical Stone Structures of the indigo Dye Industry

6.    The Dearth of Iluko Children’s Literature: Its Implications

7.    The Ilokanos in Mindoroland: Victories of Migration in Victoria

8.    Vertical Living of the Ilokanos in USA: Snapshot Observations

9.    Focusing on Ilokana Women Executives: Basis for Development

10.    The Quality of Day Care Centers in Candon City

These researches found their way in various conferences, regional, national and even international fora. Fame could not be detached from the presenters’ institution the very accolade they received.

At present, a team of researchers in UNP Candon is preparing for another round of international presentation. Three research papers were just accepted this month for next year’s international conference. Surprisingly, two students from UNP Candon will, for the first time, read their respective papers in a pool of academicians, scholars, artists, among others.

This only leads to a conclusion that research is a part of the curriculum and training of UNP Candon. With that little span of research years, they have produced lots of functional researches.

Perhaps, one would not be shocked, one day, to read a news that a research paper from UNP Candon is adjudged  as the best paper.#