Global warming: a man-made problem

By Annalyn G. Galanto


The climate of the earth is simple but lots of factors influence it. It ranges from solar activities to the development of tiny or microscopic organisms in oceans. With all these complex interactions of factors, one glaring picture can be seen: the world is warming.

It is indeed very alarming that in the past few years up to now we experience strong typhoons and heavy rains that cause landslides and flash floods. Global warming is already felt in the Philippines. Our country is not spared by this warming. Global warming is a result of the increased amount of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous gasses trapped in the atmosphere. It does not happen by default. It is a man-made problem. Most of the warming observed is attributable to human activities like the construction of factories and manufacturing of too much motorized vehicles that emit carbon dioxide. How sad and frustrating that the world’s greatest scientist cannot gather together and discuss the question of global warming. They study the patterns of temperature but cannot come to a solution to the problem.

It is predicted that the warming will continue to rise worldwide and if no action is taken to reduce green house gases, the amount of warming could raise sea levels along coastal areas. That is extraordinarily dangerous! Green house effect could melt polar caps and raises the sea levels. The more water that evaporates the greater the tendency of having strong typhoons and heavy rainfalls that lead to landslides and flash floods as some parts of our country particularly Manila is experiencing right now. Due to this effect, even monsoon rains could already create flash floods. We thank God that we have not yet encountered such in our province – Ilocos Sur. But we should not wait for that to happen before we move. We are part and parcel of the greater world. We should not wait for the scientists to do it for us; thus, as good citizens of the country we should go out and do our part. We should think globally but act locally. We need to be innovative and creative enough to outsmart global warming.  We should not wait for a greater ecological backlash because of our negative attitudes towards our environment. Some activities we should put in mind are to plant trees, intensify 3 R’s (reuse, reduce, and recycle), limit our use of plastics or manage our wastes.  By these measures, we can help minimized warming.

Any time is a good time to start, especially if we start it now. At your age how many tress have you planted?

We should then be agent in the preservation and protection of our mother earth. After all, we only have one country to protect and one planet to preserve!#