Governor Manotoc: ‘Salun-at a sigurado, umili produktibo’

LAOAG CITY — “We commit to further develop our province by investing in the health of our people. Our people will always be our greatest asset and strength. Salun-at a sigurado, umili produktibo (A healthy community leads to a productive citizenry),” remarked Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc.

He delivered his inaugural address in front of the Daytoy ti Bannawag monument of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos in Batac City, Ilocos Norte, last June 29.

“With the establishment and continuing programs of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte, we have truly proven that the Ilocano is more than equipped to take on greater challenges,” he continued.

Gov. Manotoc committed to providing quality public infrastructures and facilities; boosting agrarian sector through promoting productivity, innovative practices, and farmer welfare; and streamlining healthcare offerings through ensuring affordable access to quality healthcare for Ilocanos.

“We look forward to making our city and town centers greener and more walkable with more quality public spaces for all.

We will improve our irrigation facilities, support road projects for the efficient transport and trade of local produce to our markets, optimize our yield and production through major cash crops,  revitalize our arable lands through organic farming, attend to our agri-entrepreneurs, and expand our partnerships with other LGUs, particularly our producer to consumer program.

We will upgrade the hospitals and rural health units, employ additional health practitioners, and enhance our public health programs,” Manotoc said as part of his speech.

“I ask that you join me, and you help me in this march towards a greater Ilocos Norte,” he ended.

Marcos grandson lauds mother’s legacy

From the fourth generation of public officials, Gov. Manotoc succeeded his mother, now, Sen. Imee R. Marcos.

“We thank you Senator Imee R. Marcos for making Ilocos Norte liveable, sustainable, and resilient— a greater home for every Ilocano. Your accomplishments for the past nine years will continue to drive us forward,” he said.

Continuing one of his mother’s programs, Gov. Manotoc said:

“Recently, we passed the provincial ordinance institutionalizing ‘Capitol Express’ further ensuring inclusive and rapid delivery of government services and resources to our kailian.

Ituloytayo nga idanon dagiti kasapulan a serbisio kadagiti kailiantayo (We will continue providing the essential services to our people).”