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How to catch a GF

Being single is not bad, but getting married is better.

Some religious fanatics say an unmarried man cannot be exalted in heaven. You have to get married in order to go to heaven.

One of my friends, Jimmy, was married once, but he married the wrong girl. She was young, pretty and always smelled good. She was so pretty that Jimmy got from her 4 kids, but her beauty and smell were so very impressive that another guy fell in love with her. She eloped with this guy and the duo carted off with Jimmy’s money (Jimmy was a businessman), too.

Since then, Jimmy became aloof with girls.

I saw him last week in a Chinese store, buying some motorcycle spare parts.

“You need to marry once more,” I told him. “Para may mag-aasikaso sa iyo.”

“I have forgotten how to impress women, bro,” he replied.

And so, I am coming out with some tips on how to impress a girl, fellas.

Many men fail to make a good impression on girls they want to be with, only because they don’t know how to impress a girl. They mostly make an aggressive move to win the heart of a girl but really don’t know it can get her turned off. As a matter of fact, impressing a girl is an art; the more you master it, the more you will get results coming out naturally.

“You don’t need at all to present a fake, over-pompous persona; instead, impress her naturally, and get her positive response and trust in return,” says Mang Maing.

Tip 1: “Look well groomed and presentable; neither over-the-top nor too sloppy.” Like it or not, your appearance plays a crucial part when impressing a woman. It speaks a lot about how you live and how you act.

Remember first impression is the last impression. So when you initially meet a girl, you must look well groomed. To look good does not mean that you have to dress yourself up like a Hollywood celebrity in an unreal manner. If you go against your normal way of dressing and end up wearing something over-the-top that does not accent your personality, it may give her an impression that you only want to impress her – for ulterior motives.

Likewise, you must not look sloppy to give her a vibe that you don’t care about anything. Wearing dirty or substandard clothes tells that you have got “I don’t care” type of personality. She may instinctively conclude that you don’t care about anything else either.

Tip 2: “Control your speech and observe silence when needed. “Another essential step of how to impress a woman is to let her talk and respond while conversing. It will be a big turn-off if you keep on non-stop chatting during the entire spell of your conversation with her. Bear in mind conversation is a two-way communication and is all about contributing together.

Also, keep eye-contact while she is talking to you. It will let her know that you have no interest in her. This attitude will surely up the attraction meter. As for the topics of conversation, speak of your dreams and ambitions to let her know you have a purposeful life, and that you are not a wandering bum. Don’t speak of politics, past girlfriends, offensive and racial jokes.

Tip 3: “Don’t stare at other girls in front of her.” When impressing a girl, make sure that she is only the object of your attention. Want her and love her from the core of your heart as though no other girl exists in the world. Nothing is more embarrassing for girls than sitting with cheap men who continuously check out other women around.

Tip 4: “Avoid using a cellphone when pursuing a girl.” One of the most neglected steps of how to impress a girl is to avoid using cell phones while you are sitting in her company. Mind you, frequently answering your phone calls or even texting will never help you impress a girl. If it is really that important or emergency call, just tender your excuse in a polite manner and receive your call otherwise, frequent use of cell phone in front of the girl may force her to think that you have no sincere interest in her.

Tip 5: “Don’t be too obsessive.” Being romantic is different from being aggressive. You need not to be the latter kind of person to impress a girl.Instead of presenting yourself as a too strong or obsessive lover, you should leave a good impression out of your calm and loving attitude.        

Tip 6: “Show interest in what she is saying, even if it is boring; never interrupt.” One of the best ways to impress girls is to make them feel important. Paying attention to them usually does the trick. Girls love to talk. Listen more, speak less when they are talking.

Tip 7: “Have a sense of humor.” Most women love men who can make them laugh; life is too short to be serious all the time.

Tip 8: “Call the next day, not three days later.” It does not impress girls to wonder if you are thinking about them; they want to know if you are thinking about them. Make a call just to say hello. Though it is usually best to keep it short and sweet, try to make the conversation natural. If she seems to want to talk longer, this is okay.

So, no GF yet?

It’s time to do something.

Try the things above, fellas, and see what happens.

Good luck!