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Huawei vs Google or China vs US? (First of two series)

I am a Huawei phone user, fellas.

Most of my friends use Huawei phones.

My more intellectual students use Huawei phones, too.

I love Huawei phones. They are not only fast and convenient but they are also durable. I have used a lot of phone brands before but when I found my Huawei Y9 2019, I stopped looking at others. My T tablet series are still working after years of heavy use.

You see, if you are only a midrange earner, all you need is a midrange phone, too, fellas.

I used to be an Asus Zenfone user but when I left my Zenfone Max on the car’s dashboard last summer, it suddenly went pffft. The LCD gave way to the heat. When I ordered a replacement LCD, I thought it would come with a Corning Gorilla 5 glass as in the original. But when it fell down once upon alighting from my motorcycle, its side broke. I went back to the technician and he said all replacemenmts are mere replacements, no such thing as the original LCD which is Corning Gorilla Glass.

I was, at first pursuing the 6.3” Zenfone Max Pro M2, but after a couple of months, the price did not dip a bit. It was glued to something like P14,995. But oh, boy, it is guarded with Corning Gorilla 6! And so, I researched some more and came out with the Huawei Y9 2019 which I bought last summer. It is a 6.5” beauty with same specs as the Zenfone Max Pro M2 but it has a 16MP selfie cam with 2MP i-depth exposure which is better than the M2. However, its LCD is only Corning Gorilla 3, but for me, that’s already good enough anyway, a good tempered glass is only very cheap. It’s 4000 Mah battery is awesome although the M2 has a whooping 5000 Mah.

Huawei Y9 2019 fitted to my budget then. Last April, it was pegged at P11,990 with freebies worth P1,000.

Good buy, I said to myself.

Then last May, the hottest and cheapest cellphone in the world suddenly hit the market, better than any midrange phone in the market today. It’s the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, fellas. It’s specifications combine that of the Zenfone Max Pro M2 and the Huawei Y9 2019, but its rear camera is adjustable to 48 MP. Moreover, it’s covered back-to-back with Corning Gorillas Glass 6, too. And it’s much, much cheaper than the M2 and my Y9. I bought one with only P9990.

Now, back to Huawei, fellas.

As I am just enjoying every feature of my Y9, the US suddenly branded it as a “spy phone” equipped with spy a chip, which Huawei vehemently denied. As a result, US’ Google suddenly declared it won’t support anymore Huawei which is a Chinese phone owing to the spy issue. Since Google has stopped supporting Huawei, Huawei is at risk it might not be able to come out with its flagship P40 phone which will be equipped with 5G connection. However, Google said it won’t affect Huawei’s existing phones, but it gave Huawei users to update their phone’s system for 90 days. If that sched started this June, so it will only be until August for users to update them.

Why was the US suddenly alarmed of Huawei?

Well, in my own opinion, Huawei’s sale has soared up so fast that it has overtaken US’ Apple with its IOS processor. Huawei phones are much, much cheaper, better and more convenient than Apple and Huawei manufacturers have declared early this year that by 2020, Huawei will be replacing Samsung as the world’s No. 1 cellphone with its P-series where P stands for Photography. Samsung phones are very good, too, but it kept on sticking with its poor battery power for a long period of time and so phone users have to look for cellphones with longer battery life. This is where Huawei and later brands such as Vivo and Oppo come in although Samsung has started coming out with 4000 Mah to 5000 Mah batteries lately. But I think it’s too late as the world has started researching for other brands which are cheaper than Samsung.

In this era of modernization where the world is flooded with high technology-based gadgets and appliances, the United States is still using its power of imperialism to stamp out rivals as in the days of old. Every world history student knows that and Huawei has become its latest victim although Huawei said it would be developing its own Android ecosystem, and is already developing it, without solely depending on US’ Google.

But is this move by the US healthy for the smartphone world, fellas? How sure are other phone brands that Google won’t allow them to use Google chipsets forever? Will not Vivo, Oppo and other phone brands using Google suffer the same fate as that of Huawei?

More next time, fellas.

Hang on.