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Ilocano writers’ association launches literary website

GUMIL Filipinas (GF) or Gunglo Dagiti Mannurat nga Ilokano iti Filipinas ken iti Ballasiw Taaw, the premier association of Ilocano writers with chapters in the different Ilocano-speaking provinces in the country as well as overseas, is set to launch its official website, http://gumilfilipinas.com on August 23, 2009.

Regularly updated, the new website features news about the organization and its chapters, its activities and new publications. It also contains literary pieces written by bona fide members of the association, as well as essays and features about writing in general and the Ilocano literature in particular.

Other than the website, GF will also re-launch its official newsletter, Balikas (Word). Edited by award-winning Ilocano writers, Balikas is an eight-page tabloid-sized quarterly that features news about and events organized or participated in by the association; Ilocano literary pieces written by members of the association; as well as features and essays on the Ilocano arts and culture.

In this connection, the GF Editorial Committee which oversees both the website and the newsletter announces that it is now accepting articles for publication in either or both media. Preferred articles for publication in Balikas are original and unpublished Ilocano works, especially news and pictures related to GUMIL, poems, and essays. For the website, the committee accepts published Ilocano poems, short stories, and essays about Ilocanos and the association.

For details, please contact Ariel S. Tabag, Editorial Committee chair, at mobile number 0918-7458792 or email gumil.filipinas@gmal.com.#

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