imyeyes-banner-sqIn My EyesBy Edward B. Antonio

IN MY EYES: Forgetfulness, any cure?

Mang Maing admits he is growing older.

He forgets many things, simple things.

Whenever he fixes a broken table or chair, he often forgets where he put his meter stick or measuring tape or eyeglasses. He has misplaced his eyeglasses three times this month and has gone to his optician that many for new eyeglasses.

“Where is my pencil?” he asked one day from his housemates. He had been fixing the fence and he needed his pencil to mark his measurement.

“It’s in your right ear, papa,” his son said.

He often forgets where he placed his motorcycle keys, his slippers or his bag. In other words, he has difficulty recalling where he places his things, big or small.

One early morning, the pandesal man came blowing his mini-trumpet. Mang Maing went out to buy pandesal worth P30.00.

“Oh, excuse me for a while, I don’t have the money. I’ll get back in a while, I’ll just get the money,” he said.

When he went back home, he switched on the water dispenser for hot water and sat down to read a book. He had forgotten the pansesal man waiting outside the gate! In disgust, Marcelo, that’s his name, has never returned to sell Mang Maing pandesal to date.

Experts recommend the following activities to fight off forgetfulness:

Stay mentally active

Everyone knows the importance of staying physically active to keep his body in shape. The same is true for your mind. All kinds of mentally stimulating activities can keep your brain in good shape. You should read a newspaper, solve some crossword puzzles and take alternate or new routes while driving. In fact, learning something new like a musical instrument can also be stimulating for your brain. You should always remember that brain is like any other part in your body. You have to keep it active to keep it healthy.

Socialize on a regular basis

Socializing with people who share same interests and likes wards off any kind of stress and depression. Both of these can contribute to memory loss. You should never miss chance to get together with friends and loved ones. Whenever you are invited to a party or dinner, don’t think too much about it and just go. In fact, when you meet different kinds of people, you engage in conversations that keep you active and sharp.

Keep yourself organized

You should always keep a journal and note down important appointments, events and tasks. Maintaining a calendar is always the best way to sharpen your memory. A checklist will help you remember things better. You can also choose to keep your keys and other essential things in a specific place. Once you start keeping your essentials in a specific place, it will gradually become a habit and you won’t even need to stress your brain to find certain things.


Try to limit your distractions. You should never try to perform too many tasks at the same time. Try to focus on the information you want to remember. This will help you recall it later. In fact, it may help you remember specific things like songs and so on. Even if you don’t remember the exact thing, you will surely remember something familiar if you focus.

Daily physical activity is important

Regular physical activity improves blood flow to your body as well as your brain. This keeps your memory quite sharp. Most of the health experts believe that healthy adults should involve themselves in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. In fact, 75 minutes of strenuous physical activity per week is also fine.

Healthy diet is crucial

A healthy diet plays a crucial role in sharpening your memory. Try to increase your intake of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Low-fat protein foods like lean meat, fish and skinless poultry will also be better. In fact, you should also focus on drinking a lot of liquids. Drink a lot of water, but cut down alcohol from your daily routine. Alcohol and other drugs can lead to memory loss.

And what else, fellas?

Get a pet to relieve your stress. Date your wife or girlfriend, but not your friend’s wife or girlfriend.

No wife or girlfriend yet?

By all means, get one.

“They will help you remember things faster,” says Dr. Wayne Drimhitch, a psychologist.

“Amen,” says Mang Maing.#