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IN MY EYES: Happier

Kolum ni Edward B. Antonio

If drug addicts are killed one by one nowadays through the PNP’s Operation Double Barrel Reloaded, who cares, fellas?

A known drug addict in a barangay was killed and all the people did was smile in agreement.

And why not?

This addict had killed a lot of goats already, thinking the horned animal was Satan reincarnated.

He had almost raped a househelp when his trip was into sex. The girl only escaped when she pretended she was willing to do it with him, but she needed to take a bath first so she would smell good while they would be doing the act.

He nearly killed his father thinking he was a devil sent to kill him. His father escaped his 18-inch bolo, but not their 4 goats whom he slaughtered into bits.

He nearly killed the guys singing videoke in town with his .38 paltik revolver thinking that the rowdy song being sang that time was a devil song intended for him. He fired several shots but 4 of the bullets misfired. The 2 bullets did not find their marks.

He was arrested and incarcerated but to the dismay of everyone, he was able to get out of prison after several months.

Once out, he continued using drugs. News spread that he next became a drug pusher and several Operation Tokhang were conducted for him to surrender to the police. When he surrendered, he promised the police he would reform.

But once out, he was into his old self again.

At a victory party of a winning basketball team in the elimination rounds, he belittled the players (he was a former player himself) of their achievement saying they need to be gods to win a championship crown.

Ang lalaki na ang mga sungay ninyo, gusto nyo bang putulin ko ang mga iyan, mga diyablo?” he said menacingly, at the same time, bringing out his double-bladed Batangas knife.

The group felt threatened. One of them picked up a chair and smashed to him. He ran away but he was caught by the raging group and gave him a beating of his life. When the melee stopped, he was sprawled there in the middle of the road with a stab wound in the abdomen. Nobody helped him.

Some bystanders told his family about it and brought him to the hospital where he was confined for a couple of week.

Then the inevitable happened.

A bunch of police officers raided his hideout. He resisted arrest and fired back. The officers retaliated and that was the end of him.

There was joy among the people.

One even sponsored a videoke party to celebrate his death saying that the barangay “salot” was finally gone. They would live now in peace. They can now roam again the streets at night without the danger of being misidentified as devil goats.

They said they favor all those anti-drugs operations by the Duterte administration.

It’s time we enjoy real peace without these drug addicts and pushers,” they said.

But another wanted more.

They should also include all those who steal our chickens and their eggs!” he said.

I want all those ‘mannibrong’ to die,” quipped another.

A city resident was more specific.

They should also kill all those who steal motorcycles and all those pickpockets who operate in our province. I hate so much these people they should also be included in all those operations,” he said.

And all those ‘manggagantso’ who cajole people of their earnings,” said another.

Mang Maing asked: “How about the rapists and child molesters?”

They should be included, too,” was the answer.

And the whores?” Mang Maing asked with a grin.

Never mind the whores, sir. They are earning to survive,” said one beerhouse goer.

The beating husbands and the philanderers?”

Ah, they should be castrated!” exclaimed a middle-aged woman clutching a child.

The woman with many husbands?”

She should be mutilated!” shouted an old man at the back.

A reverberation of laughter ensued.

Ah, what a scene, fellas.

What a happy scene after a successful police operation where the target was killed.

How about you, fellas?

Are you happy, too?#