imyeyes-banner-sqIn My EyesBy Edward B. Antonio

If I were a voice…

The voice is a powerful weapon, fellas.

Allegedly, during a bonfire in front of the palace of Persepolis, Alexander the Great’s bard spoke and sang of the sufferings and torments inflicted on the Greek people by the Persians. Touched by the bard’s lonely song, Thais, one of Alexander’s mistress, got hold of a torch and led in the burning of the Persian Palace.

One of the greatest generals in history, Napoleon Bonaparte, also called “The Little Corporal,” despite his numerically inferior forces, delivered an inspiring message to his soldiers before facing a numerically superior Austrian force. His inspiring voice led him to conquer France’s enemies and crowned himself the emperor of France.

Such is the power of voice, fellas.

One day, a teacher was touched by a speech choir by his students in one of their class’ opening programs. The Group 3 members of his Grade 8 Special Science Class headed by a 13-year old girl by the name of Julia Margareth Maliksi recited the poem entitled “If I Were a Voice” by Charles Mac Kay, and the teacher was so touched that he had to hide away his tears.

The speech choir poem runs:

If I were a voice, a persuasive voice, that could travel the wide world through, I would fly on the beams of the morning light, and speak to men with a gentle might, and tell them to be true. I’d fly, I’d fly, o’er land and sea, wherever a human heart might be, telling a tale, or singing a song, in praise of the right – in blame of the wrong.

If I were a voice, a consoling voice, I’d fly on the wings of air, The homes of Sorrow and Guilt I’d seek, And calm and truthful words I’d speak To save them from Despair. I’d fly, I’d fly, o’er the crowded town, and drop, like the happy sun-light, down Into the hearts of suffering men, And teach them to rejoice again.

If I were a voice, a convincing voice, I’d travel with the wind, And whenever I saw the nations torn By warfare, jealousy, or scorn, If I were a voice, a convincing voice, I ‘d travel with the wind, And whenever I saw the nations torn By warfare, jealousy, or scorn, Or hatred of their kind, I’d fly, I’d fly, on the thunder-crash, And into their blinded bosoms flash; And, all their evil thoughts subdued, I’d teach them Christian Brotherhood.

If I were a voice, a pervading voice, I’d seek the kings of Earth; I’d find them alone on their beds at night– And whisper words that should guide them right– Lessons of priceless worth; I’d fly more swift than the swiftest bird, And tell them things they never heard– Truths which the ages for aye repeat– Unknown to the statesmen at their feet.

If I were a voice, an immortal voice, I’d speak in the people’s ear; and whenever they shouted “Liberty,” Without deserving to be free, I’d make their error clear. I’d fly, I’d fly, on the wings of day, Rebuking wrong on my world-wide way, and making all the Earth rejoice– If I were a voice–an immortal voice.

Indeed, the power of the voice is unfathomable fellas:

Like the voice of the teacher to his students whose ringing words are words to live by for a better tomorrow.

Like the voice of “I love you” from a mother to her child while waking up in the morning and her child sleeps in slumber in his own little innocent world.

Like the voice of the birds heralding a new dawn break, dancing with the sun rays as they start to beam in the east.

Like the voice of springs rippling down the cascades, adorning the riverlines with a pattern of beauty to soothe the wearied soul and mind.

Like the voice of a love one that inspires one to live another day despite the challenges of yesterday.

Like the voice of the conscience when one is guilty and the truth must come out in order to be free.

Like the voice of God who answers prayers in different forms: in men, in circumstances and in surprises.

If I were a voice, I would sing of my existence that I am created by God who sent me here to do his will as in this song I have been singing since my early days in church:

“I am a child of God
And He has sent me here
Has given me an earthly song
With parents kind and dear
I am a child of God
And so my needs are great
Help me to understand His will
Before it grows too late
Lead me, guide me
Walk beside me
Help me find the way
Teach me all what I must do
To live with him someday.”

Yes, fellas.

Let’s all be these voices.