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IN MY EYES: No Gabriela fury at ISGHGS

Let me begin this column with a story, fellas.

One day, a man went to a local radio station complaining about the shabby treatment he received at Gabriela Silang General Hospital (GSGH) in Vigan City where some staff members allegedly were not paying attention to his concern.

He heralded for around 5 minutes his “disgust” of the treatment that he received, even threatening to report this to higher authorities. I can’t remember if this radio station went to GSGH to get its side of the story or I missed the hospital’s reply.

Well, GSGH is now ISGHGS, fellas. It stands for Ilocos Sur General Hospital Gabriela Silang and is now under the stewardship of ISGHGS Chief Officer Trina Tabbuga Talaga, a most humble hospital administrator who patiently answered all our queries. ISGHGS is under the jurisdiction of the provincial government through our working governor, Gov. Ryan Luis Singson.

I later learned from a hospital source that the man who went to the radio is a former government employee and that it was not the first time he was heard complaining of the services there at ISGHGS.

“He wanted to be the first to be served, but there were those ahead of him, so we had to attend first to those who came in ahead. It would have been better if he referred his complaint to the hospital administration so it could have been addressed rather than referring his complaints at the radio station,” my hospital birdie said.

Now, let me narrate my own experience there, fellas.

Last June, I was trying to cut the branch of our calamansi in our yard but in the process, a big thorn pricked my right forefinger, right in the side of the mid joint. I did not mind it as I thought it was only superficial. A week later, it swelled. Another week more and I was alarmed, so off I sped to ISGHGS. It was beyond 5:00 already so I was referred by Dr. Talaga to the ER section because the OPD ward was already closed. I was attended to by cordial nurses until Dr. Pocholo Baquiran arrived where he prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers. He instructed me to go back after a week.

A week later, I returned to the hospital, this time at the OPD where I met smiling nurses and staff members. It was around 12:00 noon when I arrived there and all those in the front desk were out for lunch. Five minutes later, a petite, pretty attending nurse arrived.

“Hello,” I said. “When will hospital services resume?”

“Right now, sir,” she said, beaming a contagious smile.

Wow, what a lucky day I met this pretty nurse. Her name is Myrna Abad. She and Nurse Joseph Calixterio attended to me after I consulted the doctor of the day, Dr. Mark Anthony Cuevas. Even Nurse Oliva Arde who arrived later was most polite and conversational.

When I went to the hospital pharmacy to buy the medicines, I felt I must be ill again next time so I could see the people there once more. The staff and pharmacists were not only courteous. Pharmacist Israel Tandoc was nice and polite. Also there were the prettiest pharmacy staffers I have ever seen: Allysa Medrano, Claire Cabotaje and Catherine Sanchez, all very cordial and conversational. I was already out of the exit door when I remembered there was one I failed to get the name. I had to go back.

“What’s the name of that little pretty ‘child’ in green uniform?” I inquired.

Everyone giggled with all eyes focused on that bright eyed, green-uniformed, pretty pharmacist.

“I am Quenie Daenos, sir,” she said beaming the sweetest smile of them all.


What a day, fellas. It made me reminisce those good old days when we were young and flirting.

What a day with people there at ISGHGS, a far cry from the description of Mr. Former Government Employee who went barking at the radio station.

Dr. Trina Talaga really has made the hospital something every Ilocos Surian can be proud of – from personnel and staff development to infra development to the modernization of hospital equipment.

“Aside from our X-Ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, endoscopy and neurosurgery services, we now have mammogram, EEG for them brain and newborn screening equipment. We also have a laboratory for tumor markers and thyroid test; we have lots of modern equipment, I can’t enumerate them all. Our emergency room is also open 24 hours with 6 to 7 doctors deployed at a time, so I think our hospital is a good alternative compared to private hospitals” she said.

She also announced that the ISGHGS through the provincial government, has also been licensed by the Blood Bank as the only blood bank to supply blood for the province, a major service by the ISPHGS.

In infrastructure, she said that a 5-storey medical arts building worth P67 million will soon rise with private rooms and medical laboratories for cardio-pulmonary diseases and dialysis.

“Gov. Ryan Luis Singson is most supportive that’s why it’s also our goal to move from a Level 2 to a Level 3 hospital where we dream to become a medical center with more doctors and specialists, and we are targeting this at the end of the year, hoping we can cope up with all the requirements,” she said.

Lastly, she also organized seminars and trainings for personnel and human development.

“If ever there are negative comments on our staff, please feel free to report to me. There are more than 400 employees here with different personalities and backgrounds, but so far, no such act of discourtesy has reached my office,” she said.

So, next time you feel ill, why not try ISGHGS and meet Dr. Trina, Dr. Cuevas, Dr. Pocholo, Nursing Attendant Myrna Abad, Nurses Joseph Calixterio and Oliva Arde, Pharmacist Israel Tandoc and pharmacy staffers Allysa Medrano, Claire Cabotaje and Catherine Sanchez.

And of course, that pretty pharmacist in green, Quenie Daenos.

There’s really no Gabriela fury there, fellas.

Only angel-faced fury in pretty and cordial doctors, nurses and pharmacists! #