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In My Eyes: The Mary Jane Veloso Story

By Edward B. Antonio

This country is a haven for drug producers, drug syndicates, users, pushers and couriers.

Nobody can dispute that, fellas.

Our jails are full of drug convicts, making these convicts additional burden to our annual budget. Our jails are full of drug convicts because drug syndicates and producers are free to operate in our country. This is the reason why many of our countrymen are used to their advantage.

In Indonesia and in many Asian countries, death is the answer to all drug convicts. I admire Indonesia for this. Eliminate one of the roots and you have one less problem. In RP, jail the drug lord and he can still operate. If he has the money, he can get out in no time.

See the difference, fellas?

When we hear of foreigners, blacks or Caucasians, caught in a drug raid, the story ends there. Where are they now? Are they deported, jailed or freed?

In Indonesia, they die. And the death is publicized. Although the world condemns it, that’s their law. One has to admire the Indonesian government and its people for imposing their law. One has to condemn RP for relaxing and mocking on its laws.

Mary Jane Veloso, a school drop-out and a mother of two, is a victim of poor RP law. She is a victim of a government that cannot impose its laws to protect its citizens. She is a victim of a government with limp arms and legs to impose its laws.

This is her story, from her own unedited version:

“ Im work to Dubai United Arab Emirates … Im work there as a servant and my contract is 2 year’s but im stay there for 10 months because have someone want to rape me, I decided to come back to Philippines on December 31, 2009

I’m comeback to my country but my money not enough because my son already go to school … I need a work again…

How many times I go to the Manila in Agency I try to apply again as a servant take to the another Country but almost 3 months the agency not contact me.

One day Christine asked me about work!!! Christine is my neighbor in the Philippines and my family know she’s good and every week she go to Malaysia and if she comeback to Philippines … she bring a things like shampoo… lotions… perfume and etc … All people in my village know that… Christine job is buy and sell like this … When she ask me about work… if I want work in Malaysia/kuala Lumpur as a servant take… my answer i want… but I said I dont have money to buy a ticket!!! She said to me… dont worried about that because i can help you… But if you already start to your work… you pay me… your 2 months salary!!! For me this is a Blessing so I accept , and i said

Thank you!!! April 21 2010 Wednesday… Christine and i go to Malaysia to go there… i bring 2 jeans and 2 shirt and underware i put in a bagpack!!! i and Christine stay in Kuala Lumpur in Sun Inn Lagoon Hotel near of Pyramid Mall… In a 3 days im stay there… i and Christine always go outside… eat together and buy a dress and a personal needs!

One day my dress become to much… i said to Christine i have much of dress but my bagpack is not enough for all my dress and personal needs… so i said .. I don’t have bag … I keep my things where? She said .. don’t worried i tell to my boyfriend he buy a bag for you … Then Saturday evening her boyfriend call and he said his brother there in parking lot i see a white car … I and Christine go, outside the car … I meet I.k brother of Christine’s boyfriend …

Christine boyfriend name Prince !!!and the one men i don’t know what his name … I.k and the one men same color… Black but I.k tall … fat and his hair curl but the one man not fat… Then I.k ask me … you are MaryJane my brother said you need a bag so I buy for you and I said thank you!!! I and Christine comeback to the Hotel and Christine bring the bag… When we are inside the room i hold the bag but i ask Christine why the bag little heavy but she said because its new… I check all zipper and pocket of the bag… all empty so i don’t have thinking negative… I put all my thimgs inside the bag… When im finish packing .. Christine give a brown Emvelopt and inside the Emvelopt have 500 US dollar and ticket… Air Asia Airplane… She said to me im go to Indonesia in 7 days for Holiday In and meet a friends and if im comeback to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur im start to my work… so I don’t have any choice that I must go there and that time only in my mine… if im finish go to Indonesia im start to my work,

Because work is important to me, because of my child… April 25 2010 Sunday 3:00am in the morning I go to the airport with Taxi … 7:00 am in the morning is my flight!!! Christine give a no. of her friends in Indonesia she said if im there… im go to the Hotel… any Hotel then if im already there in Hotel i contact her friends, 8:30 am

I already in Indonesia Airport but when my bag put in X-Ray Machine… the men said to me he wants my bag to check again… Then all my dress and personal needs put outside of my bag and my bag put in X-Ray Machine again… in 2 or 3 times… I and Indonesian men go to the office, he said he wants to check my bag again… I said ok you check my bag but he didn’t see anything … then the men said can I cut your bag…? i said why you cut my bag… only he said nothing… only I want to check your bag… so i answer again… Ok you can cut my bag ..because i believe don’t have anything inside my bag because I already check my bag!!! But when my bag cut..the men see something inside the back of my bag.. a black plastic and inside the black plastic have Aluminum Foil…

When I see the Aluminum Foil i ask the men what’s the problem? And he said to me nothing. Then he said to me we go to another office /another place..untill that time I’m not thinking negative but when im there inside the another office. The Aluminum Foil open and inside the Aluminum Foil have a powder the color is a lightbrown… the men check the powder… then the powder change to become solid! The men know this? I answer I don’t know what s that?? All laughing he said this is kind of Drugs a Heroin… Oh my God !!!my body feel so cold… I cant speak any thing… only I can do that time… cry and cry!!! Because I know my life finish!!! Because drugs is no.1 Illegal… I hate my self why. I belive with Christine… why I don’t have negative thingking about her… and now im here..but I don’t know anything…”

Now that the story of Mary Jane is revealed, the question is: how many more Mary Jane Velosos are lurking out there? How many more illegal recruiters and Filipino opportunists are there looking for victims and sending them to Indonesian prisons and ultimately, to their firing squad? If there are government agencies designed to help these victims, where were they then and where are they now?

The Filipino nation needs answers.#