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IN MY EYES: Write and live healthier

Last time around, I wrote about reading and writing.

You see, it’s elating to see your name in the bylines of write-ups and photographs, fellas.

You may not get rich but being recognized is in the higher level of needs in Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

Experts say writing can improve your life, and make you a well-rounded, happier individual.

How? Francisco Saez shares:

  1. You will communicate with clarity. Unlike talking, when you write you look for more sophisticated words and expressions to describe what you have in mind. This helps you build a structure that will allow you to express yourself better and communicate complex ideas in a much more effective way.
  2. You will eliminate stress by capturing everything that comes to it—in order to eliminate the stress that causes having many things hitting your head, writing and developing your ideas produces an amplified effect since not only you take them out of your mind but also the whole process of rationalization that otherwise would abstractly stay in there.
  3. You will be more productive. Writing activates the neurons in your brain and gets it ready to overcome the rest of the tasks (you can use it as a kind of warm-up at the beginning of the day). In addition, writing down your tasks with the appropriate words prepares you to carry them out properly. Finally, it’s demonstrated that setting your goals in writing increases significantly the possibilities of achieving them.
  4. You will learn more. Writing in your own words the information that you receive helps you assimilating and consolidating knowledge that otherwise you would forget soon.
  5. You will gain awareness of your reality. If you write down what you have in mind each day, what you expect to achieve and how you feel according to this, you won’t need a psychologist to explain you who you are. You will realize yourself.
  6. You will make better decisions. When writing you clear up your thoughts and, obviously, a clearer thinking allows you to make better choices.
  7. You will be happier. It’s an immediate consequence of the two previous points. There is no need to write a public blog, a sort of personal journal is perfectly valid.
  8. You will live more focused. If you constantly write about your thoughts you will never get out of sight what you want to achieve, which your dreams are.
  9. You will overcome tough moments faster. There is some research that suggests that those that write about what is happening overcome tough moments quicker than those who don’t.
  10. You will have a lot of written memories. If you write each day, you will have a historical record of your thoughts, probably something much more interesting than a simple photo album. And , who knows, maybe you end up publishing a book !

And may I add the following, fellas:

Writing helps your clear your mind. We’ve all sometimes felt the need to vent and speak our minds in order to get our point across.Well, writing can help you do that.Try and write down all of your thoughts, grievances, doubts, fantasies, and pretty much everything else that crosses your mind. Just write, without thinking about what lands on paper or your computer screen. It may seem like the end result is something pretty chaotic, but that’s not the point. The point is for you to clear your mind, so that you can go about your day, working, solving problems, and just enjoying life. Without all those thoughts in the back of your head distracting you, you will find it easier to work and focus, no matter what your profession is.

Another one is that it helps you recover memories.You will be surprised at how writing is able to bring back old and almost forgotten memories.Start writing down those which you do remember. Before you know it, a certain word or a phrase you’ve put down on paper will trigger some other memory you would never have thought of otherwise. Some of those memories won’t be pleasant, but you will be able to look at them from a distance and put them perspective  and ponder how much you have learned from those experiences. On the other hand, happy memories will put a smile on your face, and you will remember events and people you care about, driving you to get in touch with them again.

And lastly, it’s a great mental exercise.

Keeping in shape doesn’t just apply to exercising your body regularly. You can do the same for you mind as well. Writing activates a number of different cognitive processes, and unleashes your creativity.All of these will keep your brain sharp and active, and it can even act as a preventative measure against some mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can benefit from writing on a regular basis, fellas, even if you are not a professional writer.

All of the aforementioned reasons will lead you to become a more accomplished, eloquent, and satisfied individual.

Great writing skills go a long way toward establishing you as a more complete person too. You will be able to improve your social life, and also maybe become a better professional.

Start writing today and reap the benefits.

Try it, fellas! #