Include banana flower in your menu for its medicinal properties

Almost all the parts of the banana tree including its flower have wonderful uses.

Although starchy and bitter in taste, banana flowers have wonderful medicinal properties. Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, it can reduce the pains.

The banana flower has many health benefits.

1. It helps strengthen the uterus. Health authorities said that to boost a healthy uterus, the banana flowers should be boiled with turmeric powder, peppercorns and cumin seeds till it is half. By drinking the concoction, uterus problems are eliminated.

2. It reduces hypertension.

Banana flowers are high source of tannins, acids, flavonoids and other antioxidants which help to counteract free radicals and eliminate the oxidative damage which leads to cancer and heart disease. The banana flower can help you lower the risk of these conditions.

Eating banana flower once in a while can help people protect their heart as well as fight high blood pressure or hypertension.

3. It helps fight anemia and diabetes.

As it is rich in fiber and iron which assist in red blood cell production, consuming banana flower either boiled or alone reduces the level of blood sugar.

4. Improve the function of the kidneys

The flowers of the banana when they are used before they become ripe are known to be a good herbal remedy for treating kidney stones.

The flowers can be cooked along with the stem of the banana as a soup and taken for two weeks. This will help in melting the kidney stones completely.

The flowers can be taken regularly as a prevention method as well. Banana flowers are used for treating many other kidney problems as well as urinary related disorders.

5. Treat stomach problems

Banana flower has amazing benefits for stomach problems such as ulcer as it neutralizes the gastric juices and reduces ulcer irritation.

For people suffering from constipation problems, soup made from banana flower acts as a natural laxative.

Stomach bloating can become a thing of past with regular consumption of banana flower. It also treats and arrests Bilious vomiting or nausea problem.

6. Improves lactation

The banana flower has a lot of benefits to offer especially pregnant women and young mothers. It can maintain a healthy uterus and cure excessive bleeding.

It can also boost the milk supply with its lactation promoting properties. During the time of the pregnancy it can reduce constipation.

For all its many healthy benefits, why not make it a habit to include banana flower in your menu? (Source:Wikipedia)