Increase public awareness on benefits of food fortification: FNRI nutritionist

Susana Encarnacion, a nutritionist from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, said that there is a need to increase public awareness on the benefits of food fortification or adding micronutrients to foods which are widely consumed by the populace such as rice, noodles and cooking oil as it is an effective intervention in fighting malnutrition and mineral deficiencies among Filipinos.

She said that food fortification is an effective strategy in fighting malnutrition and public awareness on the benefits of fortified foods should be given more emphasis.

In a media forum attended by advocates of health and nutrition in Ilocos, Acting Director of the Department of Science and Technology Armando Ganal urged the participants to perform their roles of disseminating important information to reach different stakeholders in the region.

Ganal said that media play a vital role in nforming the public on facts and updates relating to societal issues including health and nutrition.

The Nutrition Communication (NUTRICOMNET) was also reorganized during the convention.

NUTRICOMNET is a network of provincial and regional media practitioners and information officers of agencies and institutions which are involved in food, nutrition and health promotion.

The network will help achieve the Millennium Development Goal in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. (From a report of Joanne Namnama G. Parrocha, PIA, La Union)