Information Operations Plan on the Nationwide Firearms (FAs) Ban effective January 10, 2010 and the Provision of Security Detail

As per directive of Chief PNP, Police Director General JESUS AME VERZOSA, the Information Operation (IO) Plan Hope 2010 dated December 28, 2009, must be implemented not later than 1st week of January 2010 based on Armed Forces of the Philippines-Philippine National Police (AFP-PNP) Joint Letter Directive and Operational Guidelines for 2010 National and Local Elections.

The following significant points should be known by the public and candidate prior to January 10, 2010 thru a pro-active massive information campaign thru the tri-media (print/tv/radio), websites/speaking engagements/interviews by newspapers/ tabloids , etc.

A. In gun-ban only regular plantilla members (who are receiving regular compensation for services rendered) are authorized to bear/ carry / transport Firearms (FAs) or other deadly weapons, in prescribed uniform showing clearly and legibly his name/ rank/ serial number, or in case rank and serial number are inapplicable ,his agency –issued identification card showing clearly his name and position (w/c i.d. card shall remain visible at all times), with valid mission / letter orders, and in the actual performance of election/ official duty or going to or returning from his residence or station.

B. Members of privately owned or operated security/ investigative/ protective/ intelligence agencies duly authorized by PNP, can posses firearms in uniform with his I.D., in the actual performance of duty at his specified place/ area, the issued firearms of Security Guards (SGs) shall be left/ deposited in respective post when off duty.

C. All persons in civilian attire are presumed unauthorized to carry firearms and subject for arrest and investigation.

D. Firearms of arrested persons performing duties as security to candidates of any elective position shall be immediately verified thru the Firearms Verification Hotlines (FVH) maintained by PNP-FED. During process of verification, the local PNP unit shall provide temporary security detail to candidates secured by those apprehended persons. After confirming legitimacy of subjects security detail, he shall immediately be restored to his former duty.

E. All previously issued Permits To Carry Firearms Outside Of Residences (PTCFORs) are suspended effective January 10, 2010 to June 9, 2010.

F. Joint COMELEC- AFP-PNP Teams shall be organized/deployed to conduct intensified implementation of “Oplan Sita” and “Oplan Bakal” specially targeting convoys of known political candidates maintaining Partisan Armed Groups (PAGs).

G. All captured/ confiscated/ surrendered/ deposited/ abandoned/ forfeited firearms will be initially deposited to the nearest Police Station for proper documentation/ accounting/ disposition.

H. In Provision of Security Detail, only PNP/ AFP/ NBI personnel and protective agents of Private Detective Agencies (PDA) shall be deputized as security detail during election period provided that they shall be in proper uniformed in performing official security duties .

I. Only candidates from Mayor upwards will be provided with PNP/AFP security detail while other candidates may engage the service of protective agents.

J. Not more than two (2) members of PNP/AFP/NBI shall be detailed as security for each candidate, with the addition, upon request, of not more than two (2) protective agents, same in exceptionally meritorious circumstances where additional security detail may be requested by candidates for national elective positions, subject to such condition and restriction that the COMELEC may impose.

K. All existing authority granting security detail are revoked effective January 10, 2010, affected officials/individual may reapply for availment of same with COMELEC.

L. Candidate for House of Representatives and Local elective position, as well as public officers or private individuals, shall file their applications with Regional Joint Security Control Centers (RJSCC) in their respective regions, to be chaired by COMELEC, Regional Election Director.

M. Candidates for national elective positions shall file their application with Committee on the Band of Firearms and Security Personnel (CBFSP) at Main Office of COMELEC, Intramurus, Manila.

N. Security detail of Local Candidates visiting other provinces/ cities shall compulsorily register with the corresponding JSCC.#