It’s safe to eat eggs everyday


Food and nutrition experts, including dietitian and medical practitioners, have all agreed that daily egg consumption does not pose any risk to people with normal health, and can keep the doctor away, too as they are some of the best and most affordable sources of protein that are easily available to most Filipinos..

In launching “The Good Egg” advocacy campaign during the recent Poultry Show and Fiesta 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, experts took turns in debunking myths that eggs cause heart problems and hypertension, and presented scientific studies that show the positive effects of daily egg consumption.

It was found in an earlier study conducted by Insight Asia that egg consumption rate is very low in the Philippines compared with neighboring Asian countries because Filipinos wrongly perceive eggs to be high in bad cholesterol.

A study conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) showed that daily egg consumption poses no health risk to normally healthy adult Filipinos.

An official of the Philippine Heart Center said there is no clear science yet that eggs are harmful, adding that eating eggs once a day is definitely “okay.”

Dr. Fe Marie Alejandre-Colico, business unit head of Sarimanok Poultry that spearheads the campaign, said the advocacy is mainly about improving the health of

Filipinos in accordance with government nutrition and dietary guidelines by promoting egg consumption – particularly among poor communities and even schools where food are usually deficient in proteins.

The Good Egg is a long-term advocacy that should also help the agriculture industry and the country’s food safety and security programs.

Eggs can make a difference in improving the Filipinos’ daily diet especially in schools through cafeterias and canteens, or commonly called out-of-home eating.

Eggs not only offer good protein but are very affordable and widely available, and should be a good substitute for other popular but mostly processed and low-nutrient food products.

It’s high time to support the “Good Egg.” Not only are eggs cheaper than imported apples, they are more affordable and readily available in practically all areas of the country.#