Ka Sabas’ 11th book comes out

Robert Alicias, also known as “Ka Sabas” in his tabloid columns, has come out last week with his 11th book entitled, “Remembering My Idols,” a collection of his best columns about his “departed idols” which include Reynaldo Duque, Adrian Cristobal, Benny Peralta, Marcelino Soria, Maximo Soliven, Conrado de Quiros, Nick Joaquin, Godofredo Reyes, Pelagio Alcantara, Teddy Locsin, Joe Quirino, Kerima Polotan-Tuvera and Col. Lorenzo Ilustre among others.

Most of these writers, he said, have influenced his writing interest and style.

The book also includes columns on his departed pets and an intriguing third part entitled, “Death Wish” with a column entitled, “Beyond Death Wish. “The book is now out in the market and can be ordered at 09177001749.

Alicias has started publishing his books in 2012 with Morsels of Life Part 1. He is currently preparing to publish his 8th Morsels series. In 2014, he came out with a book of poetry called “100 Best Poem (Iluko and English)” and later, 2 editions of “Surfing the Minds of the Maetroas.”

A former Most Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines, Alicias wrote for several tabloids in his younger years like The Immaculate, Lowland Courier, Gulf Express, Timek ti Amianan, The Norluzonian Courier, Saringit Chronicle and in the magazine Philippine Free Press.

Prior to his retirement at the Department of Education, he wrote for The Ilocos Educator, The IRAA Courier (as co-editor in chief with Romulo Basuel) and for the Palarong Pambansa newsletter in 1995. He also writes for Bannawag, poetry section. In 2014, he was awarded by the www.poetry.com as an international poet with the Most Valuable Poet Badge and the Legendary Poet Badge.

He currently writes for the Ilocos Herald as a columnist, headline editor and chief editorial writer. #