Kalahi-CIDSS sub-projects to be prioritized, implemented in Sugpon, Ilocos Sur

SUGPON, Ilocos Sur – The Kalahi-CIDSS Area Coordinating Team (ACT) here convened for the first time various Kalahi-CIDSS stakeholders for the first Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum (MIBF) to prioritize the Kalahi-CIDSS sub-projects for implementation in this town.

Members of the Barangay Representation Teams (BRT) composed of barangay captains and community volunteers, Municipal Inter-Agency committee (MIAC), Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT), Sugpon Municipal Coordinating Team (MCT), Sugpon Local Government Unit (LGU) composed of the Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and Sangguniang Bayan Members, and representatives from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) participated in this inter-barangay forum for criteria setting workshop.

Among the sub-projects proposed in the six barangays of Sugpon are foot bridges, pathways, water system, flood control structures, and concrete barriers. The criteria set by the BRT in the prioritization of these proposed sub-projects are as follows: 60% on the qualitative criteria which include 1) participation of barangay residents to barangay assemblies, 2) percentage of women attendees to BAs, 3) number of resident beneficiaries, 4) number of barangay beneficiaries, 5) percentage of free labor, and 6) non-BUB areas; and 40% for the quantitative criteria which include 1) the usuefulness of the sub-project to the poorest of the poor, 2) gender sensitivity, 3) responsiveness to the cause of the problem, 4) length of the sub-project serviceability, and 5) sustainability of the sub-project.

With the set of criteria for the selection of the most appropriate and responsive interventions for the Kalahi-CIDSS sub-project prioritization processes, participation and transparency the forum focused on how Kalahi-CIDSS sub-projects will be managed in the community level by the community volunteers. (From a report of Jomara S. Chan, Kalahi-CIDSS Social Marketing Officer)