Kannawidan Ylocos Festival: A Showcase of Ilocano Culture (Second of 4 parts)

By Mancielito S. Tacadena


The City of Candon emerged as the overall champion during the awarding ceremony of the Salisal Iladawanna Gaget ti Lumugar, Agsaknap ti Timpuyog (SIGLAT) Awards.

Candon City bagged five major and 8 minor awards while Cabugao which came second had 4 major, 7 minor and 1 individual awards. Sto. Domingo placed third with 1 major, 1 minor and 1 individual awards.

As the KaSIGLATAN, Candon City received P150,000.00; Cabugao went home with P100,000.00 and Sto. Domingo with P75,000.00.

The barangays that won major awards received P50,000.00 each, the minor awardees P30,000.00 and the individual awards P20,000.00.

Candon City collected major awards in Coastal Resource Management (Brgy. Tamurong 2nd), Safest and Most Peaceful Barangay (Brgy. San Andres), Best in Agricultural Productivity (Brgy. Palacapac), Best in Livestock Production (Brgy. Oaig Daya), and Outstanding Sangguniang Barangay (Brgy. Calaoa-an),

The city also won seven minor awards including Best in Gender and Development Program Implementation (Brgy. Palacapac), Most Functional Brgy. Diaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (Calaoa-an, Candon), Best in Sports and Physical Development Program Implementation, Best Sangguniang Kabataan (Tamurong 2nd), Best Day Care Center (Brgy. San Agustin), Best Performing Non-Government Organization (Gunglo Dagiti Annak ti Langlangka Ist), Outstanding Barangay-Based Cooperative (Metro Paypayad Cooperative), and Outstanding Barangay Tanod (San Jose Candon City).

Cabugao on the other hand, garnered four major awards including the Most Healthy Barangay, Best Performing Barangay (Brgy. Pug-os), Best in Nutrition Program Implementation (Brgy. Bonifacio), and Best Innovative Practice (Brgy. Dardarat).

It also cornered seven minor awards for Best in Barangay Intensive Gardening (Pug-os), Best Barangay Herbary, Best in Elderly Welfare Program Implementatio, Best in Persons with Disability Program Implementation (Brgy. Bonifacio), Most Functional Barangay Anti-drug Abuse Council ken Outstanding Lupong Tagapamayapa (Brgy. Aragan), and an individual award for Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (Macrina Saturno of Brgy. Bonifacio).

Sto. Domingo won one major award as Best in Fish Production and Aquaculture Development; a minor award as Outstanding Barangay-based Micro SME Entrepeneur (Brgy. Suksukit), and one individual award as Outstanding Barangay Day Care Worker (Anita Castillo of Brgy. Paras).

The other winners: Cleanest and Greenest Barangay (Brgy. Palali Norte, Sta. Lucia), Best Barangay Tree Park (Brgy. Dapdapig, Gregorio del Pilar),  Best in Solid Waste Management ( Brgy. Cabugao, Suyo), Most Functional Botika ng Barangay (Brgy. Ronda, Sta. Lucia), Outstanding Barangay Health Worker (Hercula Diaz, Brgy. Pidpid, Sta. Cruz), Most Child Friendly-Barangay (Brgy. Fatima, Vigan City), Best in Culture and Arts (Brgy. Concepcion, Gregorio del Pilar), Best in Tourism Promotion (Brgy. Daligan, Sta. Cruz), Best in Youth Development Program Implementation (Brgy. Urzadan, Suyo), Best Managed Elementary School in the Barangay (Pudoc Elementary School, San Vicente), Outstanding Fishermen’s Association (Brgy. Pilar Fish Searchers Fishermen Association iti Sta. Cruz), Best Farmers Association (Suysuyan Farmers Association, Lidlidda), ken Outstanding Punong Barangay (Brgy. Captain Romel Dayoan, Dadalaquiten, Sinait).

(To be continued)