Kannawidan Ylocos Festival: A Showcase of Ilocano Culture (Third of 4 parts)

Living treasures of Ilocos Sur were also recognized during the weeklong festivity. Thirty two individuals and groups were included in the list of this year’s awardees. Plaques and cash were given to all the awardees as the provincial government’s approach to persuade them to continue what they are doing and to encourage the younger generation to do the same.

This year’s awardees were the following:


Customary Law & Other Indigenous Lifeways:

1) Esteban Dumepnas, 79 years old – Elder; community and ritual leader, Patiacan, Quirino;

2) Antonio Duligan, 60 years old – Mannapit (discussant for dispute settlement); Uggayam chanter, Sitio Bab-asig, Patiacan, Quirino;

3) Catalino Wandas, 94 years old – Elder; Labba weaver, Sitio Lugacan, Suagayan, Quirino


Traditional Farming and Related Crafts & Industries:

1) Catalino dela Cruz, 79 years old, &  Emilio Birog, 76 years old – Makers of wooden implements for the farm and the home, Sitio Kainsikan, Barbar East, San Juan;

2)      Florentino Lopez, 72 years old – Basket weaver, Dalawa, Alilem;

3)   Ciriaco Tabutol, 78 years old – Bamboo basket weaver, Padu Chico, Sto. Domingo;

4)   Severina “Sebing” Unida Valledor, 68 years old -Buri Hat weaver, Bannuar, San Juan;

5) Alberto Pel-ey, 45 years old – Basket weaver, Patiacan, Quirino;

6) Saturnino Manganip, 82 years old – Labba and saguitaw weaver, Alfonso, GDP

7)      Ernesto Liberato “Batong” Sapinoso, 55 years old – Weaver of bamboo baskets; wood craftsman, Catucdaan, Cabugao

8) Rosita Orallo Dumot, 72 years old, & Esther Orallo Dumot, 45 years old -Mat weavers, Suso, Sta. Maria




1)   Juan Tomaneng, 82 years old – Tabukol weaver, Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal;

2)  Filomeno Palino, Lasá fish trap weaver, Apatot, San Esteban;

3)   Antonio Catura, 74 years old – River fisher, tirem farmer; farmer; fishing ritual practitioner, Sitio Mangusbong, San Sebastian, San Vicente;

4) Reynaldo B. Cerna, 61 years old – Fisher; Iket weaver, Puro, Caoayan, &  Jeffrey S. Cerna, 44 years old – Bilog carpenter, Puro, Caoayan;

5)      Jesus Cerna, 81 years old,  & Estefania Fernandez Cerna, 78 years old – Fishers; Viray owners, Puro, Caoayan;

6)      Gabriel Dayap, Sr., 55 years old – Fisher,   Nalvo, Sta. Maria;



1)      Candida Gregorio Picog, 55 years old – Inpaud [backstrap] weaver, Masiosioay, San Emilio;

2) Luisa Ilo Galang, 73 years old – Abel-weaver, Sibsibbu, San Emilio;



1)      GROUP: Jose Agdeppa, 63 years old; Benita Agdeppa-Corpuz, 61 years old; and the Salt Makers of Paratong, Sinait;

2) Alejandro Ulibas, 77 years old; Anacleto Tomaneng, 66 years old; Agsan-sana (Salt makers), Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal;

3) Felipa Canonizado Riconose, 73 years old – Agat-ati (Salt Maker), Sitio Mangusbong, San Sebastian, San Vicente;



1)      Veronica Bangisan Sinduen, 75 years old – Bubod-maker, Sitio Lugacan, Suagayan, Quirino;

2) Nena Ilmeng Vicente, 54 years old – Patupat Maker, Paratong, Sinait;

3)      GROUP: Toribia Pacudan Bullang, 83 years old; Suzima Telo Cadalig, 75 years old; Rosalina Palangkis Gumangi, 74 years old; Bubod and tapuey makers, Daligan, Sta. Cruz

(To be continued)