La Union’s Man of Steel

By Monette H. Herrera, Project Assistant II


SAN FERNANDO CITY \ – Before he became a successful producer of steel products, Michael “Mike” Ruiz, a resident of Barangay Madayegdeg in San Fernando City, La Union worked in a stainless fabrication shop in Manila.  Ruiz later established  his own shop which he called “Mike’s Stainless Steel Fabrication” in San Fernando City in 2006.

In its early operations, the firm fabricated stainless steel products like railings, kitchen sinks, oven, cabinet, food grade tables and signboards for buildings and food production businesses. The shop also supplied galvanized and stainless steel water tanks to various hardware stores in the Ilocos region.

Mike shared this passion for the business with his wife, Jinilyn Ruiz, who handles the administrative tasks of the company. Throughout its operations, the firm has established the mark of efficient service and quality products to their valued customers. Despite the stiff competition given by other shops, Ruiz’ shop flourished.




With a keen eye for details and wider perspective, Ruiz envisions his company to be globally competitive by leveling up his production capability and acquiring modern equipment to improve production.

The DOST’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) opened the door to Mike’s Stainless Steel Fabrication to further improve product output and sustain market demand. In 2013, the company received a package of technology interventions that included trainings on Tungsten Inert Gas welding, Occupational Health and Safety, Productivity and Quality and Metals Identification and Selection. The firm also underwent an Energy Audit.

In 2015, Mike sought again the assistance of DOST through the La Union Science and Technology Center for upgrading the stainless steel and galvanized steel water tank fabrication process. He acquired more precised production equipment like mandrel tube bender, box and pan bender, roller bending machine, power press, spot welding machine, drill press, die molds, power craft air plasma and MIG welding.

These innovative technologies enabled the firm to fabricate other products such as metal furring, carrying channel, wall angle and water tanks which he sold to additional clients from La Union, Manila, Tuguegarao City, Baguio City and Pangasinan.

Mike’s Stainless is also currently into fabrication of facilities needed by the food processing industries. This led the firm to support the food processing businesses assisted by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, the Food Innovation Center in Pangasinan, public markets, malls, schools and residences.

In terms of marketing innovation, the firm has maintained its social media, https:/.www.facebook.cok/MikeStainlessSteelFabrication and currently expanding its page, being one of the vendors of





Mike attributes his success to hard work, perseverance and to partners that believe in his vision to create products and services that are of the highest standards.

“I am grateful to DOST for giving me the interventions which served as an important breakthrough in my career in the metalworking industry,” he said.#