Lanuza victim’s kin finally signs court decision – VP Binay

Vice President Jejomar C. Binay said Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza is one step closer to securing his freedom after his victim’s next of kin signed the court decision needed for his release.

Binay said he received a report from Ambassador Ezzedin Tago that the family already signed the printed copy of the court decision that has an updated notation that the family has accepted the blood money and is no longer pursuing its earlier demand for qizas or beheading.

“I learned from Ambassador Tago that Lanuza’s case file will no longer be sent to the Court of Appeals and will be forwarded to the Emir’s office once the judge in charge signs the endorsement,” Binay said.

“Ambassador Tago also said Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Sayyari, Head of the Dammam Grand Court, had already instructed the administrative supervisor to prepare the endorsement immediately, so that it could be signed and sent immediately,” Binay added.

Binay had earlier assured the family of Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza that he will be freed once the process for his release has been observed. He also asked Lanuza’s family for patience and said another Filipino who was pardoned ahead of Lanuza is still awaiting the completion of the release process.

Binay said once the judge in charge signs the endorsement, Lanuza’s case file will be sent to the Emir’s office. The Emir’s office will then issue an order on the settlement of the case and the complete case file will be sent to the Ministry of Interior for clearance.

Upon the issuance of a clearance by the Ministry of interior, the Emarah will direct the concerned police authorities including jail authorities to begin deportation procedures.

Lanuza was in death row for unintentionally killing a Saudi national after the latter allegedly tried to sexually abuse him. The Saudi’s highest court affirmed his death penalty in 2001 but he was pardoned after the family asked for blood money.

The Philippine government together with private individuals and non-government organizations raised 700,000 riyals (P7.6 million) for Lanuza’s blood money. The Saudi king meanwhile shouldered the balance of 2.3 million riyals needed for his release.#