Laoag City bans use of plastic, styrofoam materials

By Cherry Joy Discaya-Garma, PIA 1, Ilocos Norte


LAOAG CITY – The Laoag City government has started implementing a law prohibiting commercial establishments from using plastic bags and Styrofoam packaging in their products.

City Mayor Chevylle Fariñas said the no plastic, no Styrofoam-policy is Laoag’s contribution in preserving the environment and maintaining ecological balance.

The city government started implementing the policy this month.

However,  those found violating the policy would only be advised to refrain from using plastic materials until the law’s full implementation in January next year. Papers bags were recommended for carrying dry goods.

The policy was based on City Ordinance 2012-045 that the city council passed last year.

City Councilor Joseph Tamayo, who authored the ordinance, lauded the local government’s initiative to finally implement the law noting the need to mitigate the effects of climate change.

He said the ordinance would regulate the excessive use of hazardous wastes that often result in environmental degradation, flooding, sanitation problems and climate change.

Leading by example, the city government has prohibited the operator of the city cafeteria from using plastic bags and styroam containers on food take outs.

It also advised the public to use “green” bags sold in business outlets or bring their own reusable baskets or bags for shopping.

Laoag City is the second to implement the plastic and Styrofoam ban among local governments in Ilocos Norte, next to Sarrat town.#