LGU Vigan City employees conducts first Valentine’s blood letting

VIGAN CITY – “What better way to give love than to donate blood for our sick brothers and sisters!” This is what Vigan City Mayor Juan Carlo Medina said of the blood letting and blood typing event today at the ABC Hall of the city hall.

About 600 employees joined the event led by the City Organization of Vigan Employees (COVE). “All city employees were encouraged to know their blood types and to donate.  Blood donations will be stored at the Philippine Red Cross Ilocos Sur office for sick city employees who shall be needing blood transfusions,” mayor Medina said.  

“The group of city employees had an agreement with PRC Ilocos Sur for the deposit of blood of city employees so that there will be blood available for them incase they need it,” said Harold de la Cruz, president of COVE. “This is just one of the ways by which we employees can help each other. This blood letting will be a yearly event from now on.”

With the mayor and the city officials donating their blood this morning, the event was supervised and administered by the Philippine Red Cross Ilocos Sur Chapter, Ilocos Sur Medical Association and the City Health Office.

“There were 36 donors in this day’s event,” said Ruby Areola, PRC volunteer nurse who was one of the four who served in the event.  The blood collected will go a long way as it will help save lives of residents,” she said, noting that blood has a 35-day life.  

Dr Loida Afoilan Ranches, the city health officer, said that blood donors must have enough rest and sleep, no alcohol and no medications intake 24 hours before donating blood, eat something before blood donation but must avoid fatty foods, and drink plenty of fluid such as water or juice.    

PRC Ilocos Sur Officer-in-Charge Veronica Tactay said that there are steps followed in donating blood:  taking of weight, registration by honestly filling-up donor registration form, checking of blood type and hemoglobin, blood donor examination by a physician, actual donation or blood letting lasts for 10 minutes or less. The amount of blood to be donated depends on the donor’s weight and blood pressure. The donor must rest for 5-10 minutes and take plenty of fluid after donation.   

Further, Tactay said that after blood letting, donors must drink plenty of water or juice, refrain from stooping down and from strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects, driving big vehicles like bus, trucks; and operating big machines. They must avoid using the punctured arm in lifting heavy objects, apply pressure on the punctured site and lift the arm in case the site is still bleeding. They may apply cold compress for 24 hours if there is discoloration and swelling on the punctured site. They may lie down with feet elevated, and drink plenty of juice if they feel dizzy. ●