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Life begins at 60

Mang Maing says he is nearing retirement from government service.

“I will retire at 60,” he said.

He said he never believed life begins at 40. He believes life begins at 60!

At 55, Mang Maing’s only ailment is arthritis.

“But I have conquered it,” he said.

He has significantly cut out consumption on carabeef, animal internal organs such as pinapaitan and sinanglao, beer, bean and mongo seeds and all stuff not in his list.

“My other disease nowadays is cancer,” he added?


“Cancer of the pocket,” he said.

His eldest son got married after graduation and his wife, an undergrad, gave birth via caesarian operation last month.

“And so?” I asked.

“I had to shell out quite a big amount for the caesarian operation and for the treatment of the child whose white blood cell count is more than her red blood cell count,” he said.

“And why contemplate on retiring this early?”

“Because I’m getting tired of government service,” he said. “There are lots of paper works now and I’m getting tired with all these paper works which have nothing to do with my main job. These are just evaluator papers with a lot of kuskos balungos!”

“So you wanna retire at 60, eh?”

“Yes, because life begins at 60,” he said.

And why at 60, fellas? Does life begin at 60?

A new research has found that life begins at 60. Life’s activities don’t end at 60 — actually at this age people are matured both physically and emotionally. As we grow older, there might be a temptation to think that our life’s best effort is behind us.

How should one stay happy even beyond 60?

If you are wondering how to be happier and more positive after 60, here are six simple ideas.

Focus on Achievement, Not Luck

Several studies have shown that the amount of happiness that outside events bring to our lives is low. For example, people who win the lottery tend return to their original level of happiness after a few years. Good or bad luck just doesn’t seem to change our happiness for long.

However, if you focus on activities that give you a sense of achievement, you can bring more satisfaction to your life.

So, pick a skill that you have always wanted to improve and start working on it every day. Not only will your daily achievements make you happier, but, you may make some new friends who share your interests along the way.

Express Your Gratitude through Meditation or Prayer

If you have a spiritual practice, it often helps to start the day by sharing your intentions and expressing your gratitude and hopes. Even if you are not a particularly religious person, you may be able to benefit from meditation. Practicing mindfulness can be a great way to prepare for the day ahead. In addition, according to this article by the Mayo Clinic, practicing meditation regularly can help you to manage stress, reduce negative emotions and increase self-awareness.

Plan Your “To Do” List

Whether you’re still working, starting a “second act” career, or even retired, you’re probably super busy these days. Everyone can benefit from having a clear sense of what they need to accomplish.

Making a list of items ahead of time gives you a sense of control and purpose to your day. This will help you feel more confident and empowered to handle whatever challenges come along.

Organizing your life doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply taking 5 minutes every morning to write down the most important tasks that you want to accomplish can give you a huge productivity boost. If you are wondering how to stay happy and positive after 60, this is a great place to start!

Make Breakfast a Pleasant Ritual

We learned as children that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and this is still true after age 50. Eating a full breakfast helps you stay mentally focused, calm and alert throughout the day. If you don’t have time or don’t like to cook in the morning, buy some high-protein breakfast bars or other easily portable healthy snacks to give you the sustenance you need to start the day.

Even if you don’t have time for a cooked breakfast, try to make a morning meal part of your daily ritual. Give yourself some time to sit, reflect on the day ahead, and focus your energy.

Use Small Gestures to Strengthen Relationships

If you live with your spouse or partner, write them a little love note on the bathroom mirror and leave it for them to have a happy surprise to start the day. Take the time to write personal messages on Facebook. Instead of writing, “Happy Birthday,” tell your friend about a special memory that you have of them. Sometimes maintaining intimate friendships requires us to take a few emotional risks.

Look for ways to make other people feel better by telling them how much they mean to you. Celebrate their successes and share in their triumphs. Give compliments throughout the day. Simply saying “That dress is a lovely color on you” or “You have the most beautiful eyes,” can make someone’s day.

Find Something to Look Forward to Every Day

Many of us are reinventing our lives in our 50s and 60s. We are exploring our interests, starting new careers and rededicating our energy to projects that we enjoy. From this perspective, every day is a gift. Every day gives us the opportunity to be of service to others and to experience the wonders of life. What are you looking forward to doing and experiencing today?

Try to find something to look forward to every day. Meet with a friend, go to a local museum, take a class or cook a new type of cuisine. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to look back and be grateful for all of the amazing opportunities in your life. After all, gratitude is one of the secrets to happiness at any age.

Life after 60 is a time of new challenges and amazing opportunities. For many of us, our children have left the house and our social circumstances are changing. Now is the time to invest in our physical and mental health. We can feel energized and positive every single day. We just need to take action.