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FILE PHOTO. A group of men and young kids prepare a carroza for the Holy Week procession, Makati City, 2010 (photo by Jasper A. Espejo)

Panangngilin ti Kuaresma

NAGBALINEN a paset ti tradision ken kultura dagiti Pilipino nangruna dagiti Kristiano Katoliko ti panangngilin ti Kuaresma babaen kadagiti nagduduma a wagas. Mangrugi ti panawen ti Kuaresma iti Mierkoles Kurkurus wenno Ash Wednesday babaen ti… Read more »


LIVING TREASURE. Catalina Ablog of Mindoro, Vigan City, is still able to keep a sharp eye on the fine multicolored threads as she demonstrates the traditional way of weaving textile or “abel” to tourists at… Read more »


KATUTUBO EXCHANGE. Delegates from Ifugao demonstrate the proper way of wearing the traditional costumes of the Tuwali during the closing program of the Katutubo Exchange to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Month at the National Museum… Read more »