The LNAOs Region I, Inc. celebrates 20th Foundation Anniversary

The League of Nutrition Action Officers (LNAOs) Region I, Inc. celebrated its Annual Training Cum 20th Anniversary at the Hotel Supreme, Baguio City on March 11-13, 2014  with the theme: “R1NAOs at 20: Celebrating years of committed health and nutrition services to the LUPangIlocos Community.”

Abono Partylist Representative Francisco Emmanuel R. Ortega III,  was the guest of honor and keynote speaker in this celebration which was attended by all Nutrition workers.

The LNAOs, Region I Inc. is the only organization of the Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs) nationwide which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as per Registration No. B 199800275 dated March 27, 1998.

First organized in June 1994, the regional league is now recognized as one of the strong, bonded and financially stable organizations that has become a committed  partner in nutrition-related endeavors in the LUPangIlocos Community.

With the organization of the federated NAOs at the provincial and regional level, the annual regional convention of NAOs is held each year with the hosting of the regional convention rotated among the provinces. The host province serves as the overall coordinator of the event with the National Nutrition Council, Regional Office I serving as the secretariat and the Nutrition Program Coordinator and Nutrition Officer III as consultants.

This year’s celebration was a resounding success. (Tawid News Team)