Love Letters

Love Letter

Come Valentine’s Day, couples the world over will be celebrating the day of love with chocolates, roses, candle-lit dinner and a night together. Yet for the first time in so many years, my mother (Rose) will be spending this day without my father (Bee) by her side. While brainstorming what to print for this week, I asked mother if she has kept any of father’s love letters when he was still courting her. To my surprise, she brought out a big bundle of envelopes filled with handwritten notes and poems.

Printed here are just a couple of the many love letters that my parents wrote to each other before they were married. I must say that both were incurable romantics. Cynics among us may say “walang forever,” but I truly believe that my parents came close.

I hope my mother will find comfort in this letter from father dated September 14, 1968. It is heartbreakingly relevant, as if my father wrote a love letter from heaven to remind mother to take care of herself (now especially) because “…no matter what happens, I’ll keep on loving you… Have a good time, darling. And be careful. I do love you – heart and soul.”

Also printed here is a poem my mother wrote for father on Valentine’s Day, February 1970, two years before they were married. (Jasper Espejo)



While I’m writing this letter, my heart is filled (with) longing — for you. When will we meet again, dearest? Love, I miss you so much, it hurts me. And to think how far you are from me. How I wish to be with you for always.

Rose, I want you to remember that no matter what happens, I’ll keep on loving you. As that haunting song says, “you’re still the only girl for me.”

Have a good time, darling. And be careful. I do love you — heart and soul!



To a lowland Bee

I come to you with empty hands,
No card nor box so neatly wrapped.
Oh, nothing, darling, for you to touch,
For you to fondle with a smile to match.

But here I am, my dear beloved.
Though just thru’ pen to say my thoughts,
To express my love for you, beloved.
I love you, dear, so very much!

I wish I could be with you, dear,
On this year’s Valentine,
To feel once more thy sweet caress,
To be once more in thine embrace

My dear, you are my Valentine,
Will you remember that?
I vowed to love you long time ago,
I’m sure you know that too.

And if I’m not your Valentine
(Then please!)
Forget this poem and forget my love
(for you)
But give my love and wishes warm
To your ever dear, dear Valentine,

From a Mountain Rose