LP victory will ensure swift passage of reform agenda – Angara

A vote for the LP senatorial candidates in May will be a huge  strategic  investment that would yield higher GDP growth , increased political stability and stepped-up social safety nets for the sectors that are vulnerable , LP coalition senatorial candidate  Rep. Juan Edgardo M. Angara today said .

“President Aquino is pushing a reform agenda that is unprecedented in scale and with very defined goals . He needs a senate that will promptly  give flesh to his programs that  require legislation ,” said Angara .

He said that with the election of the LP slate, there is a 100 per cent guarantee of executive-legislative cooperation that would put the country on a “ steady if not on a  quantum leap” to growth and political stability.

Angara said that the most underappreciated issue of the campaign is the degree of cooperation that President Aquino has to get from the Congress that will  convene in June .

Angara said that the Congress that will convene in June has the urgent and  formidable task of passing an ambition, legislative program of astonishing reach and there is only three short year to enact the laws required by President Aquino’s growth and reform agenda .

“We can’t afford to have the gridlocks that  have marred congresses and parliaments elsewhere .  Congress has to work on the reform agenda on  Day One  of official work and it is in this context and environment  that the LP senators will work ,” said Angara .

Angara said that a senate dominated by the LP coalition will also prevent an “ executive overreach “  as there is a “ mutual meeting of hearts and minds” on what laws to enact to support the president’s broad and sweeping reform agenda. #