Magsaysay appeals for win-win solution in wage hike issue

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay urged the government to fight for the rights of the Philippine workforce to have a “reasonable” price increase and explore ways to alleviate their growing expenses brought about by unabated rise in the prices of goods nationwide.

“The government must be able to respond to the needs of the workforce and determine through its consultations why the proposed wage hikes and the amount that companies are willing to shell out are miles apart. It is the job of the government to seek a compromise that would result in a win-win for both camps,” she said.

“On the one hand, we have the labor sector pushing a P90 across the board increase while on the other, we have the employers saying that they can only afford to raise the wages by P8 a day. The government needs to set standards in determining which scale to use so that at the end of the day, the expenses of the companies are not compromised and yet the workers still get increases that will help them cope with their growing expenses,” she added.

Magsaysay lauded the government’s objective to impose the wage hikes before the month is over but cautioned them into agreeing to a token increase that will accomplish nothing but prove that the government has fulfilled its promise.

“Wages should serve the needs of the people. When they work hard, they should be compensated reasonably. That is the rule of the thumb. If the government agrees to a pittance of an increase, they are doing the people a disservice, but they should also consider the business climate for employers in order to ensure that their businesses remain afloat and be able to generate more jobs. It’s a tough call, but there is always a middle ground where everybody would be able to sleep at night, and for this to be reached, both sides must be open while the

government should remain firm and just for the sake of all.”