Magsaysay backs stiffer penalties for hazing

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay is airing her support for moves pushing for stricter penalties for fraternities who conduct hazing on neophyte members as part of their initiation rites in the wake of the death of San Beda law student Marvin Reglos.

According to Magsaysay, hazing has become a tradition in most fraternities who are claiming to be a brotherhood of its members but in truth, it is just an example of a culture of power play and revenge.

“Most of these fraternity masters are not really trying to test their neophytes’ will but rather are exacting revenge on them for what they had to suffer through when they themselves were neophytes. The problem is that when they have the power, they sometimes lose their sense of fairness and make sport out of their pledges,” she said.

Magsaysay said that there are other ways to initiate pledges rather than hurting them and in extreme  cases causing them disability or fatal injuries.

“What brotherhood would intentionally cause harm on their new members? Is that truly the spirit of brotherhood or has it been corrupted by this culture of violence? That because it has become custom, it has become alright?”

Worse, Magsaysay said that the current penalties for hazing under the law are very minor and does not serve as a deterrent for fraternities who continue with the violent practice.

“Maybe we should review if these laws are still doing what it is supposed to rather than waiting for more victims to pile up because as it stands, the penalties are just slaps on the wrist compared to lives ruined and lost because of wanting to join these groups.”