Magsaysay dares gov’t to prove conviction in serving justice to massacre victims

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay deplored the slaying of yet another potential witness in the Maguindanao massacre, and challenged the government to prove its conviction to give justice to the bloody murder of 57 people including 33 journalists in 2009.

She added that as long as incidents like these continue, more people who know anything about the massacre will be afraid to come forward.

“The man identified as Alijol Ampatuan could have provided vital information on what transpired during that fateful day that could have put away the culprits for good but as it happens, he is added to the number of witnesses and their relatives who were silenced by the masterminds,” Magsaysay lamented.

The lawmaker said that the spate of killings should be stopped by authorities so that justice will be served to the journalists and civilians who have waited years for the case to be resolved.

“Witnesses in case as sensitive as this one should be protected by law enforcement agencies, especially since the threat on their lives have been proven. Some of the other witnesses were killed in gruesome fashion, which may have been a warning for those who would surface against the perpetrators so it is imperative that remaining witnesses be kept safe at all costs,” she added.

Magsaysay also challenged the courts to speed up the resolution to case as the families of the victims have already been waiting for over two years for justice to be served.

“Our government claims that it is firm in its stand to serve justice and hold accountable those who have violated human rights. This is actually the best opportunity to prove its conviction to its promise but up until now, this case has followed the footsteps of other human rights violations that have come before it. And as long as it proceeds at this snail’s pace, perhaps we could expect more casualties to fall because the perpetrators will not stop until they are all silenced.”