Magsaysay dismisses ouster bid vs justices as propaganda, power play

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay has chided the fresh calls to impeach the eight Supreme Court Justices who voted in favor of the TRO to stop PS Bank from revealing the contents of the embattled Chief Justice’s bank account, saying that the prosecution is playing fast and loose with ousting members of the judiciary and are merely seeking to irk the public into staging another People Power.

“What message does the prosecution want to send to the members of the judiciary? That if they don’t vote in accordance to the will of Malacañang, they will be subjected to the same plight as the Chief Magistrate? And what of the other duties of the legislative branch? Shall we just forget the reason that these congressmen are elected into office is to pass laws and not prosecute the judiciary?”

Magsaysay pointed out that there is hardly any work getting done in Congress because of the impeachment proceedings and yet allies of President Aquino are pushing to sign fresh complaints because the prosecution did not get the results they were expecting in the deliberation for disclosure.

“The justices have the right to vote as they see fit and based on the merits of the motion submitted to them by the bank. The prosecution, particularly Rep. Fariñas has no right to threaten the justices with another impeachment because they voted according to their beliefs,” she said.

Magsaysay said that the prosecution may want to simply oust the Chief Justice in the streets and discredit the remaining justices who voted the same way as Corona in the cases handled by the High Court because it is easier, rather than having to prove his guilt in court. Moreover, she said that the prosecution’s suggestion to impeach Associate Justices will also translate to more wasted time and funding which could be better used for rehabilitation of disaster stricken communities and passing  vital bills.

“Perhaps it is how one looks as things, whether it is right to spend hours prosecuting a Chief Justice who went against the will of Malacañang and the possibility of doing this eight times over if they push the ouster of eight more, or it is more important to perform the job that their constituents elected them to do,” she said. “The people will have the last say.”#