Magsaysay lauds CBCP stance on Pajero bishops

Zambales 1st District Rep. Mitos Magsaysay lauded the stance of the CBCP that bishops who have been tagged in the controversy involving the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes’ (PCSO) donation of Pajeros to several members of the clergy are ready to take responsibility for their actions.

“While there was nothing illegal about accepting the Pajeros in question, I admire the CBCP for manning up and apologizing for the disappointment and confusion this issue has caused the flock,” she said. “Church leaders should be good role models for their followers, but this does not mean that they too cannot make errors in judgment.”

Magsaysay said that while she does not condone the bishops for accepting the vehicles, she will not judge them prematurely and instead listen to their explanation when they are at the proper forum.

She added that the commitment of the bishops to review the manner in which they collaborate with government agencies is also very welcome because it emphasizes their willingness to fix the loopholes in their system so that the incident will not happen again.

“We have heard one side of the story, and indeed, there is even a gray area to be considered in judging whether they are right or wrong. It is said that Church leaders should not benefit from donations made from gambling, but it is not even clear whether or not the lottery is a form of gambling because it is not illegal,” she said.

Magsaysay made the statement following the release of the CBCP Pastoral Letter assuring that the actions of the bishops were done without malice and that the members of the clergy involved in the mess were willing to face whatever sanctions will be imposed on them.#