Magsaysay lauds efforts to hold illegal recruiters accountable

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay lauded the efforts of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in its initiative to suspend recruitment agencies who dispatched workers to Syria without providing the recruits with decent jobs

Magsaysay, who is a member of the minority in the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs, said that the POEA should maintain its vigilance against unscrupulous recruiters who seek to profit from the hard earned money of these workers without minding their welfare once they are in a foreign  land.

“There have been many cases wherein families of these workers even go into heavy debt just to come up with the placement fee only to find out that that when their wives, husbands, or children reach their place of deployment, they will be earning only a fraction of what was agreed and worse, some even succumb to abuses from their employers,” she said. “These illegal recruiters are ruining the lives of these workers, who only want to help uplift the lives of their families.”

“For the families, please do not be afraid to lodge complaints against these illegal recruiters and ask for the POEA’s help in finding remedies. If they do not call the attention of the authorities, then these illegal recruiters will be more emboldened to victimize other people who want to seek a better future by working abroad.”

Magsaysay also urged potential overseas workers to check the POEA site to ensure that the recruiter processing their papers are legitimate and accredited by the department.

“Mutual effort is needed in ensuring the welfare of our overseas workers. Awareness and carefulness on the part of the recruits and on the part of the government, vigilance and determination to hold these illegal elements accountable for endangering our kababayans.”#