Magsaysay on the fence about PNoy SoNA

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said that the President’s third State of the Nation Address had many exceptional points but there are still some areas that leave more questions than answers.

“The President’s SoNA was good, and as expected, some of the highlights included the impeachment of the Chief Justice as well as the charging of former President Arroyo, according to his anti corruption program. There is really no problem with these, or his statement that he will not forgive and forget the wrongdoings of the past. But my question here is whether or not he is doing the same things with those who are committing wrongdoings under his administration? Those who have abused their power? Is he holding them accountable in the same way? There should be equal dispensation of justice, whether you are a court interpreter, or a chief justice, and even when you are an ally, a shooting buddy or a classmate of the President.”

Another point Magsaysay said was the amount of projects that the President had in mind and where to secure the funds.

“The programs he has outlined were all laudable and if this was going to be the basis of the SoNA, he would pass with flying colors, but where are the funds supposed to come from when revenue leakages are still unplugged? The BoC and the BIR continue to be remiss in hitting their monthly targets which amounts to billions of pesos in lost revenues. Are the people that he put in these agencies truly able to cope with the challenges of fueling the government’s current and future projects, and what is the President going to do about this? Perhaps, if he reassesses their performance and replace them with people who are better equipped to fulfill their goals, it would be better.”

On the issue of poverty alleviation, Magsaysay remains adamant against the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or the conditional cash transfers, and said this dole out system is an ineffective way to curb the problem poverty which benefits only a small portion of the population.

“If the program is effective, then why does the self rated poverty index remain at a high of 51 percent and those who suffer from hunger are around 3.8 million, according to SWS? What has really changed in the lives of the supposed beneficiaries of the program? This truly calls for reassessment as the funds that are being used for the program is being borrowed from the ADB.”

Magsaysay also called for clear cut rules in the private public partnerships that remain at a standstill because of ever changing policies pertaining to investments.

“These PPPs should be prioritized because these will create jobs. Jobs that are vital to help bring down unemployment and uplift the lives of our impoverished masses.”