Magsaysay pushes stricter implementation of building code after Visayas quake

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay lamented the magnitude 6.9 earthquake that hit Negros and Cebu provinces and killed 52 and urged the government to strictly monitor the imple-mentation of the National Building Code to ensure that structures throughout the country will be safe from the occurrence of temblors.

“I am saddened by this event because the country has not yet even recovered from the impact of Sendong and here comes a new unexpected disaster that has caused damage and devastation to residents of Cebu and Negros towns. I have seen the damage brought on by this earth-quake and pray for the speedy action of the government to aid the victims,” she said.

“As for the residents, I call on them to not let up their guard and heed the advisories of concerned agencies before they return to their homes,” she said, pertaining to the series of aftershocks that are still expected after the temblor.

According to Magsaysay, this should serve as a wake up call for the government, especially for the Department of Public Works and High-ways to be more proactive against those in violation of government set rules and regulation as it endangers the lives of millions of Flipinos.

“Actually, it is not just the skyrises that should be inspected but also old buildings and structures, especially those that are being used by the pubic. Studies prove that buildings that are already 30 years and above are no longer structurally sound and may succumb to disasters such as earthquakes. But why are these still being approved yearly by building officials?”

Magsaysay said that most government agencies also fall under this category especially public hospitals and schools that have been condemned for years but are still being occupied.

“Do we really want to sit around and wait to test whether these structures will hold against the occurrence of natural disasters? Is the safety of the public not a concern or if it is so, why is the DPWH scrimping on this?”#