Magsaysay tapped by UNA because of performance, track record

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay has lamented recent speculations against the United Alliance (UNA) and its leaders’s association with the former administration, saying that detractors are merely picking on scraps to negate the credentials of the line up.

According to Magsaysay, who was invited to become one of the members of the UNA senatorial slate, she was chosen to be part of the line up because she has proven her mettle in governance in her years of public service.

“I appreciate Vice President Binay’s faith in me, and his confidence in my potential in becoming a more effective leader on a national scale. I thank him for recognizing my consistent performance in my years in Congress, and what I could further contribute to the nation as a public servant,”she said.

“I have said time and again that government needs check and balance. When I see something wrong with policies, I am honest with it. Is that wrong? Check and balance is something the administration should well be familiar of since they claim to be public servants and stalwarts of the road to a straight path,” she added.

Magsaysay further said that aside from her performance, the Vice President may have recognized that they both support the same causes such as education, senior citizens and women’s rights as well as the Freedom of Information Bill and good governance, which she has been fighting for even before the invitation to join the UNA senatorial slate.

She added that the reason coalitions are formed in the first place is to come up with the best choices across the political sphere to provide the people candidates that will echo their ideals in government and this works well for the people because they are presented with the best possible options come election time.

Magsaysay is a veteran legislator from the first district of Zambales and is currently the Deputy Minority Leader in Congress. She is also Emeritus Hall of Famer for being the Most Outstanding Congresswoman for six consecutive terms for her excellent performance.

Among the issues she helped bring to light was the disappearance of over 2,000 containers from the Port of Manila last year that cost the government over P200 million worth of revenues.

Magsaysay has been very open in her opposition to issues that affect the rights of the masses such as the VAT on petroleum products, and has been actively pushing to review the provisions of the Oil Deregulation Law which gives oil companies the freedom to impose increases in oil prices without government control.#