Magsaysay urges Pinoys to remain vigilant, not allow impeachment to become political circus

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay urged the Filipino people to remain vigilant with the impeachment proceedings as this is an important part  of history that may turn up lessons for the future.

“Just like in the impeachment of former President Estrada, this is an event in our history that promotes social consciousness and awareness about our country’s political status. This is an unprecedented event since this is the result of a conflict between the judiciary and the executive branches of government,” she said.

“This gives our kababayans the opportunity to learn the facts behind the allegations and be able to gauge for themselves who is telling the truth because whether we admit it or not, the image of the judiciary has taken a beating of late and our people have a major stake in the outcome because this is also a proof of whether the rule of law will prevail in the end,” she added.

Magsaysay said that it is the responsibility of every Filipino to ensure that the impeachment proceedings will not turn out as a political circus like what has been happening of late because of the squabbles of the former and present administrations.

She further said that it is good practice for Filipinos to know what their rights are which will help them understand the judicial process even more.

“The trial of Chief Justice Corona should be an eye opener for our kababayans about the real score so they will not be used as pawns by those who have political agenda. Let them decide on their own based on the actual merits of the case because we are living in a democracy and this is its true essence,” she said.

Meanwhile, Magsaysay expressed her support for Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s handling of the impeachment proceedings and said that the prosecution should not blame their inadequacies on the presiding officer.

“They are being haunted by a ghost of their own making. They railroaded the impeachment complaint and signed it without scrutinizing its contents and now that the defects have surfaced, they are asking the impeachment tribunal to make adjustments for them and accommodate their last minute requests,” she said.

Magsaysay said that although the impeachment proceedings is not a strictly legal procedure, it must still follow basic legal protocols as it deals with proving the accusations against the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

“There should still be some structure to the proceedings and it is very fortunate that Sen. Enrile has enough experience in dealing with legalities to decide on matters raised by both parties fairly based on merits,” she added. “If they (Prosecution) had enough evidence against the Chief Justice in their complaint, then they should just get down to business and present rather than making vague requests for flexibility from the impeachment body.”

“If they have a strong case, then they must push through with it in the impeachment court and refrain from seeking sympathy from the public through the media. They should be prepared for battle like soldiers because they could not expect the defense to lay down and play dead when the reputation of the Chief Justice is at stake. They should not expect this to be easy and they should not whine when they don’t get their way.”#