Malacañang satisfied with conduct of May 13, 2013 elections

MANILA- Malacanang has expressed its satisfaction on the conduct of the May 13, 2013 elections saying that “the Filipino people … undertook their civic duty to determine who would receive a mandate in the legislature and in local governments across the country.”

In his press briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that “while there were isolated incidents of violence and equally isolated hitches in the voting process, our institutions—from the COMELEC to its deputized agencies—volunteers for poll-watching, media, and the public came together and did their utmost to ensure free, fair, and credible elections.”

“By all accounts, this second automated election has proceeded in a satisfactory manner, with the system and the vast majority of machines working as they were intended,” he said.

Lacierda added that President Benigno Aquino III “led the administration into what he himself has described as a referendum on this administration—one that will determine whether there will be a continuation and acceleration of reform, or a regression to the old, selfish ways that had harmed our country. As the counting is completed and the official proclamations take place, it seems clear that our countrymen have spoken overwhelmingly to confirm and expand the mandate for reform and change that they first granted in 2010 to President Aquino.”

Latest tabulation from the Comelec showed nine administration candidates in the Magic Circle with 3 from the UNA.

Lacierda said that the victory of Team PNoy is a renewed mandate for tuwid na daan, and a vote of confidence for good governance, the continuity of reforms, and a brighter future to come.

“The work is cut out for all of us: first, to respect the will of the majority; second, to witness the baton of leadership being handed over from one set of leaders to the next on the basis of the people’s will; and third, to stay on the path that the Filipino people have determined by virtue of their vote for change,” Lacierda added.

Lacierda thanked the Filipino people for the support they have shown President Aquino’s agenda of reform and positive change, and “ for doing their part and contributing to the success of these elections.”

“As we in government continue to fulfill the mandate entrusted to us by our Bosses, the Filipino people, it is our hope that the next three years will see our country taking even greater strides along the straight path towards equitable progress, peace, and stability for all,” he said.#