Managerial Competence and Leadership Skills

Goal # 2 of UNP Candon: Development of managerial competence and leadership skills in the different fields of specialization.

LEARNERS are nursed while they are in school. They are equipped with fundamental competencies and skills for them to become useful and productive citizens of tomorrow.

The schools’ principal task is to see to it that their graduates are equipped with these capabilities. They should not only ‘graduate’ them.  They should be assured that as someone marches out, he must be able to view life with confidence. Meaning, he can continue the struggle. Because he has the skills, he could survive.

Ask this: is the school you are in known for building a competency profile? Is it a competency-based school?

Every learner is a potential leader, hence, he must be encouraged, developed and nurtured. While he is in the learning process, the teacher must practice diligence; his ‘children’ should be educated wholly.

We always contend that every professional is a manager by himself. He decides for himself, thinking his own welfare and the organization’s fate, too. Whatever drastic action he does, he suffers; so does the workplace he is in.

Experts claim that workplace training and education have increasingly been seen as pivotal factors in improving the abilities, skills and competitiveness of industry.

To undergo accreditation is to “add impetus to trends which are already becoming established.” UNP Candon would be more than happy if these things are realized. Really essential for energizing tomorrow’s organizations.

Students enrolled in various degree programs are expected to improve their managers’ practical competency. These could be greater gained by proving managerial competence in work related tasks, rather than by studying for a theoretical, educational qualification only. For UNP Candon, application stretches farther than theory.

Future educators are trained to become classroom managers. Guidelines, principles and even role modeling are used to supplant their initial knowledge. With their OJT, they internalize the value of leadership and accountability.

    The following competencies, among others are observed to be implanted among BSBA students of UNP Candon:

1.    Business knowledge: Understanding how the business works is an essential skill for a top performing manager.

2. Coping Skills: To maintain composure under stressful conditions is essential.

3.    Customer Service: Equipped with people skills, students are advised that customers on a regular basis are essential in maintaining equilibrium. One day, one will be surprised to see why a certain business is gaining significant strides.

4.    Dealing with ambiguity: Making effective decisions only when you have all the information is an essential managerial skill.

Business students majoring in management are impelled to embark an on-the-job-practicum for them to experience first-hand tasks in various agencies. Integrity and ethics are their topnotch virtues.

Same is true to computer students. They are deployed to different private and government offices to do clerical, and computer-generated and controlled duties.

Don’t discount the AB students. Their research skills will eventually make them prominent and edge out others. They supply most industries with their proven skills.

These trainings make them well-rounded graduates. And this boils down to the very concept of competency building.

Effective leadership requires the ability to think analytically without getting bogged down in the details, making timely decisions without reacting impulsively, building consensus without compromising results, and getting people to want to do what you want them to do.

These abilities are often times called competencies and nearly every large organization is working on building their core competency list. This list is becoming an employee’s ticket for entry, advancement and even retention.”

A word from the sage: building managerial competency among our students is developing also their leadership potentials for productive living.#