Mitos Magsaysay calls on NTC to sanction telcos with bad services

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said that that the National Telecommunications Commission should hold telecom firms accountable for failure to provide vital services to its consumers due to a number of reasons.

“The NTC should sanction some of these telecom firms if they are failing their clients who are relying on them to provide communications services due to upgrades and a number of other reasons, especially if the complaints are persistent and are not being addressed properly,” she said.

“The NTC should do its job in regulating these telcos especially now that we are experiencing dropped calls, lost signals and bad connections,” she posted on her twitter account.

“They are charging their consumers for these services and it is their duty to ensure that their subscribers are given the service that they have paid for especially since the money that they use to purchase these services are earned and are not plucked from the ground.”

As for the consumers who are experiencing bad service, she encouraged them to report their complaints to the NTC so that the office can have a basis for sanctioning these telecom firms.

“You are entitled to good service and you should not be afraid to fight for your right to these services.”